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Try signing in from the device you use most often [Closed]

I have two Yahoo accounts, I can log in to secondary but my primary is saying this: "uh oh! Looks like we can't get you in your account online. Please try signing in from the device you use most often or visit our help." I NEED this account open. I have personal business I need to attend to using it. It won't accept my password... Read more

Employment Advice

Hi This person, who has a bachelor degree, seen on the net is looking for a fairly well paid job, preferably in a corporate environment, perhaps in marketing or a representative. To which kind of company should he apply ? For your guidance, here is the newly graduate, bright young man's picture. Read more

Password recovery

Hello, I have lost my phone and have bought a new one but can't remember my password to access my Google account to get to my pictures that were backed up from my old phone so I can put on my new phone. And my recovery email I'm unable to access for the same reason. PLEASE HELP IM SO ABSOLUTELY FRUSTRATED because it's been spinning me... Read more

Locked out of Yahoo account

Hello, I have somehow been locked out of my yahoo mail. I have done everything that the help page says. I even called my ISP since yahoo says my account is linked. They got into my computer today and showed me that was a lie. I can access my husbands yahoo, and the rest of the family, except mine. It keeps sending me to change my intern... Read more