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Samsung Galaxy 8+

My phone is set in the voice assistant mode and I can not get it deleted. It has my phone that I can not use it, it tells me what my phone is doing " you have a message but I can't open them. It says to double tap to activate or double tap and hold for long press but doing this doesn't do anything. I've done a hard reset nothing. Someone ... Read more

My facebook account not open my account password not remember cod not a coming m

Hello, sir madem my facebook account not open password not remember number not add in account code not coming my email please help

Snapchat can't create an account right now

I can't creat snapchat.all prosses is done finally when i write the password it says oh!no looks like you can't create an account right now

My facebook account disabled locked. i can't access open now my account. Thanks.

Hello, ***@*** Firefox Mobile on Android 8.1.0 Yangon, 06, Myanmar (estimated) IP address:

LO BUSCO O YA NO? [Solved]

Hola, lo que pasa es que con mi ex novio llevo 2 años pero terminando y regresando y yo siempre lo dejaba por inseguridades, esta última vez él se fue a otro país para estudiar la universidad juntos y me dejo porque dijo que no lo amaba. El caso es que me di cuenta que lo amo y no sé qué hacer, me bloqueo de todos lados y no sé si buscarl... Read more

Disabled Facebook account

Hello, how can I enable my disabled Facebook account with Sito Victory Arepade?

Disable ineligible

Hello, My Facebook account has been disable dua a some mistakes please sir I request you I am sorry to my all mistakes please I send you my original I'd card please review this and reopen my Facebook account Thanks Facebook team Read more

Chrome problem with cookies

Chrome seems to be deleting cookies when I exit, even though "Clear cookies and site data when you quit" is not checked in the settings. I tried reinstalling Chrome, but no luck (I cleared cookies and cache before reinstalling). Symptoms: It doesn't keep me logged in to sites like outlook, etc.. It worked fine until several weeks ... Read more

tally 9 hanging and not responding. [Solved]

Hello, every time when press enter to accept any transaction tally 9 shows not responding for more than 30 seconds.

Yahoo Mail : Cannot Respond or Sent Emails (but can open Yahoo) [Solved]

Dear All I have a yahoo mail issue which I am unable to resolve. 1. I am unable to respond to mails received 2. I am unable to write a new mail without the "write something..." message appearing. 3. I cannot log in without having to retrieve a code from my phone. Its annoying and wished to log in using my password only I ... Read more

my whatsap cant allow to be downloaded

Hello, my whatsapp cant be downloaded with thesame number again it keep saying try after 5 min its been days it doing tha same thing

Shift keys

Hello, After some research of solutions for my two shift keys (left and right) which no longer both work on my laptop, I turn to this forum. It is not a hardware problem, but probably a shortcut that I had to do without wanting to. I have to go through the shift lock key for just a capital letter at the start of a sentence, for punct... Read more