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Yahoo e- mail account

15th October 2019 Good Afternoon, I have been locked out of my Yahoo e- mail account, I tried entering a new mobile number , asking for codes to be sent to my other e-mail account, when I enter these into the appropriate box it says not valid , I seem to be going round in circles, can you help? Vivian Austin Read more

My Facebook account has been backed what can I do

Hello, My Facebook account has been hacked and they are using it to dupe my family and friends what can I do.

my yahoo mail password won't work on my other devices.

I updated my yahoo password on my computer and then wrote it down. When I tried to update it on my tablet and iphone, it says it is not correct and wants me to update it with a new password. I went back into my computer and it is not recognizing the new password.

how to open my old yahoo.mali

Hello, i would like to open may old yahoo mail because may transaction of my sss acc is sending to my old acc..please reply to new email ***@*** thank you

How to download ringtones for iphone?

Hello, The default iphone ringtone made me boring. I want to download new ringtones for my iphone. Can you help me

IDP Generic Infection on Windows 10

Hello All, From 3 to 4 days I am facing this IDP Generic issue on my laptop. I thought it's some kind of Antivirus issue and it will vanish after some time. But It's ain't seem going anywhere. Is it a virus on my PC?

I need to cancel I tunes. I never ordered it in the first place.

I have been charged several months through my bank for I tunes. I was just made aware of this today. I want it canceled immediate. I also want a refund immediately for being charged since I never charged. My phone # is 2175123503. My address is 2174123503. You can also look at the account and see that I have never used it. I would li... Read more

recover old fb account

Hello, i am trying to get into old fb account. it is under email address i do not have anymore. created new account with current email. I no longer have friends list and have lost status of games i play in new account . lease help and advise to get into old account again Read more

How can I get an Old School loging screen for Yahoo?

Hello Folks - I want to log into my Yahoo account on a new device, but I don't want to use the Account Key icon (on Windows 10 I don't see that icon), or the txt msg method. I simply want to enter my user name and password into a login screen, but I cannot find such a screen. Does it exist? Thanks for any pointers. Read more

DVD drive not showing

Hi, i tried this command "reg.exe add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0" /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001" in cmd but it said "Access Denied". How should i fix it now? Or what possibly is the problem? I also tried to fix it through Regedit but actually i couldn't find "Controller0" in atapi. I don't kn... Read more