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remove duckduckgo and I lost cortana

I put duckduckgo on my laptop and am finding it too restrictive. How do I get rid of it? Also, I can no longer reach cortana. Where is she? Please note I am not computer savvy so if you can keep it simple, I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Facebook hack

Hello, My facebook has been hacked and i can get into it because the primary password has been changed to hackers, ive then tried with my phone number and it says that my phone number is being used already. HELP!!! ive unlocked it once through this process but 6hrs later ive was locked out again because i cantt change the primary ... Read more

having a problem with downloading

Tried to install the whatsapp. But on my Microsoft Windows Phone it keeps bringing up an instruction about family account. When the account was created it still refused to work

Dark theme for all mail content [Solved]

Hello All , I have chosen theme = 'dark' for my yahoo email, so thats all fine. But when I open any specific mail(any at all) , the background of the mail is still 'white' . How can I change that too in 'dark' ? Can this be done ? Thx. & Regards

How to dowload whatsapp on Tizen z4

Hello, Please help me to download whatsapp for tizen z4 System Configuration: Tizen / SamsungBrowser 1.1

WhatsApp Messenger on Samsung Z2

Hello, How to downoald whatsapp messenger in samsung z2

My facebook Id disabled ineligible [Solved]

My facebook id disabled ineligible fast apil ans Hi Neel, Thanks for your report. We'll review the information you provided and get back to you when we have an update on your report. In the meantime, you can review our Community Standards to learn more about what is and isn't allowed on Facebook: https://www.facebook... Read more

antivirus is good or bad for our system

Hello, Which antivirus is good for our system on window 10 and how we install the antivirus on our system?

Reset Outlook password

Hi please can u tell me how I can reset my password as Iv tired and it’s not letting me

WhatsApp for Samsung Z2 [Solved]

Hello, Can you please help me to download WhatsApp for my Samsung z2?