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April 2, 2009

My computer isnt working

Hello, My dad put a new mouse in and now my computer loads a little bit then it crashes what do i do

Start up issue

Hello, Iam experiencing a strange problem with laptop. When I hit the power button, the power on led lightens but the Hd led does not flick not even the monitor. The fun spins normally and I can open the CD/DVD tray normally. It all started when the computer was behaving very badly in terms of speed. two weeks ago the startup was slower ... Read more


Hello, I can not able to connect with ODBC in visual C#. So i need some help file and PDF file . I need coding about how i can identify columns and rows with any data base in visual C#.please help.

help with electronics

Hello, a series-resonant circuit has a resonant frequency of 20 mhz if you place a 0.07-mh inducter with a resistance of 75ohm in the circuit the q value of the inducter will be ??????

java is too slow

Hey, i just got java 1.6.14 because my file got erased for some reason and is really is still there link to newest version for windows? i need answers.

software to play older games on vista

Hello, im new to this sort of stuff but i have a problem and hope someone can tell me... i have just ordered the software dance ejay, got it delivered, put it in, it loaded up but keeps on crashing and it says windows has discovered a problem, when i looked at the software it says that it required windows 95 or 98, now im running on vist... Read more

product key

Hello, please can someone help me ???? my LAPTOP DOESN`T FUNCTIONat keeps telling me enter the product key and i enters the key ....ERROR i kept on trying from yesterday if i had enterd the wrong key but it is the same ....what can i do...? will i stop trying or what??? i tried 2 open my laptop in safe mode it opened i tried to p... Read more

gta iv


yes it should be fine


link for updated master server

Hello, in my counter strike 1.6 ... in internet it says download full updated master server ? pls give me alink 2 download updated master server


Hello, my brother gave me his sims but he threw the packaging away, now i dont have the installation code to install it, is there absolutly anything i can do?

About Gta 4

Hello, i have win xp sp3, nvidia geforce 8600 512mb,core 2 duo 2.4,1gb ram can i run gta 4 with full graphics

asus wet motherboard

Hello, HI, Can anyone offer advice my cat peeeed on my husbands lap-top. Have had it into repairers who have quoted $1200 to fix is there any way to do this cheaply .

Vista. how to reinstall network card drivers?

Hello, I'm currently able to access the Internet on my laptop, but not on my desktop. Having spent hours on the phone to my Internet provider's call centre they've told me the problem is with my IP address and I need to 'reinstall my network card drivers'. Please can someone help me, how do you do this?? Operating system is Windows ... Read more

Will gta IV Run on this specs? Fast plz

Hello, I going to buy a new computer one question, will GTA IV able to run on these configs: AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE Quad-Core AM2+ 3.0GHz 8MB 125W 45nm Nividia GeForce 9500 GT 1 GB 4 GB Ram, 320 gb hd, 500 watts psu

Can i run Oblivion or Fallout 3 [Solved]

Hello, I was wandering if this setup could run Oblivion or Fallout 3 OS-Windows XP Home Edition(SP3) RAM-2 Gb of DDR2 800 MHz Graphics card-geForce 8400GS GDDR2 512MB memory Processor-Intel Pentium 4 3.20GHz

wireless broadband gateway slow dl/ul

Hello, please help me. i have a huawei b933 wireless broadband gateway which promises speed of 3.2mbps. when it is on HSPA service i only get 240kbps max and when its on WCDMA service speed drops down to 130kbps and sometimes even 50kbps. my ISP is Globelines Philippines. Any help will be highly appreciated. Read more

My Gta 4

Hello, my system confrigation is 2GB RAM Intel C2D processor 2.40 GHz Nvidia 512 MB 8400 GS Win XP SP3 and i hav enough space to run GTA4 can i play GTA 4 at dis confrigation

I need drivers

Hello, my PC have lost its sound i need to download sound driver direct me type ;Compaq evo d510 sff