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tablet got hacked shut it down

I had an adroid dell venue 7 tablet, a hacker shut it down can not retrieve my yahoo mail on it have tried everything please help, my information on there and pictures

My transcend 8GB pendrive is not recognized by my pc and format

Hello, When i connect my transcend 8gb pendrive it doesnt recognized my pc. It shows that your usb flash drive is malfunctioned . even when i try to format it i cant do it Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 51.0.2704.81

XP to ubuntu

I want to change my operation system from XP to ubuntu ,i have a problem this is I can not install the software. Please can someone help me

Power outage on sleep mode now no access

We had a power outage and my Dell all in one was in sleep mode. The next day I could not log on to windows 10 with pin, then noticed I had no internet connection. Looking more all of my tasks were disabled and I cannot change them back. I have tried using an Ethernet cable to my modem, but still not working. It also shows The diagnostics ... Read more

Introduction about myself

Hi Everyone, I'm new here and I'm looking forward to some informative posts on security management software tools. I hope this forum helps me to get what I'm looking for. Thanks, mathew

How to burn 7 GB game in 2 dvds

Hello, I've a many games in my Hard Drive with the size of 6 to 8 GBs and want to burn them in dvds but can't do because I've 4 gb space in dvd. Then please suggest me how to burn them in two dvds so that I may install them as Disc 1 and then insert Disc 2. Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 8.0 Read more

A Man To His Friend:

A Man To His Friend: My Wife Died Yesterday.!! I m Trying To Cry ;-( But Tears r Not Coming Out :-> What To Do.? Friend: No Problem Just Imagine She Is Back :-D

Grand theft auto 4

Hello, I bought grand theft auto 4 on steam. I saw this youtube link I was wandering if someone knew how i could get these graphics for mine? Or at least the car reflections? Thanks Configuration: Windows Vista / Safari 535.2 Read more

How to Run Sudden Strike 3 on my PC

Hello, I am having Intel Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz 2.00 GB of RAM 128 MB Intel 945G Video Card Some Please Help me to run Sudden Strike 3 on my PC Configuration: Windows XP / Opera 9.80

gta iv graphic problem

Hello, iam using gx 280 with 1 gb card nvidea gx 240 with 3gb ram but gta iv still is very slow any one plz tell me how to solve it

original file not found! someone pls help!

Hello, i have a sony vaio and whenever i downlod music to my laptop it plays. but if i turn it off and later turn it back on it will say "could not b used because the original file could not be found" what can i do to fix the problem? Configuration: Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more

can't download itunes again to put music

Hello, I got a used ipod touch,had 16 gb ipod nano.So i had to update itunes never had to before. Told me to uninstalled and download again. I do and now it can not open itunes due to errors. please help need my music . Configuration: / Mozilla Indeterminable

I cant see a folder which is copied frm win7

Hello, Recently i copied some files in my internal hard disk from my friends windows 7 machine. When i insert H.D in to my system i can't see any of the copied files. How i solve this problem? Hel plz..... Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 535.2 Read more