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Quick heal antivirus remove

Hello, Hello, HOW TO UNINSTALL AVG & QUICK HEAL ANTI VIRUS. I HAVE UN INSTALLED THE QUICK HEAL and AVG anti virus but whils installing new version of quick heal it shows that remove ur older version. same problem i am having when i install kaspersky antivirus software it shows pl remove ur AVG. PL HELP ME WHAT TO DO? Read more

Nero 10 installation problem! [Solved]

Hello, I downloaded the nero 10 trial from softonic. I then double clicked on it. It installed every prerequisite. When I try to install it, it stops with an unexpected error - Installshield Wizard was interrupted -----------. I manually went to applications folder in the temp and installed al the apps. But the same problem occurs with... Read more

PDM.Invader Detected! [Closed]

Hello, When I am runnig the computer, i keep getting the error message from Kaspersky, PDM.Invader Detected. When i view the detailed report, the status is absent. I know the softwares I've installed is clean and surely WinCDEmu won't have a virus. That's the last app i installed. Can anyone please help me? Anyway, i can't upload the lo... Read more

Sony 120GB USB unable to formate it

Hello, I am murthy from oman. I am having Sony 120GB USB when i am inserting into pc the message is coming to formate it when i tried to do so again the message is comming unable to formate. please help me i dont want to throw this usb. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more


Is your USB genuine?