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Fix the Hidden Files Option is Not Showing Issue in Windows 10 [Solved]

Microsoft Windows has a feature to hide files, so that they are not visible to second person using the PC or laptop. Moreover, Windows itself hide the important files, so that the users do not delete the files accidentally. Thus the ‘Hide Files and Folders’ option is a great feature in MS Windows. However, it becomes problem when we unhid... Read more

SATA HDD not detected while installing windows 7/ Windows 8 [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I was using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit. I wanted to use Fedora 32 Bit. This is why I installed it on my hard drive along with Windows 7. After that, Windows 7 crashed but Fedora still worked and instead of C drive, all my other drives got formatted. Now, the problem is that I am unable to install Windows 7 again. It is beca... Read more

Facebook code generator not received [Solved]

Hello, My name is Verginia. I use to sign into facebook with google chrome and acidently I disabled it. I enable it again but since then I can't sign into my Facebook account. My code generator isn't coming through. Can you please help me ********** Read more

How to create custom colors in PowerPoint

Does anyone know how to create an additional colour pallet in PowerPoint? One of my clients has given me a template to modify and I've noticed that when I go to change font or shape colour, underneath the 'Theme' colour pallet, there is another colour pallet labelled 'Custom'. Does anyone have any idea how to 1) create it and 2) chang... Read more

Wirelessly connect Bravia to MacBook [Solved]

I have a new Sony Bravia KDL32EX403, a Sony UWA-BR100 LAN adapter, an N standard router and a new white Macbook. Sony internet video is mostly drivel, and to access enhanced features the TV screen says "visit bravia.internet.sony.tv", which I can't find and makes no sense as a web address. I mainly want BBC iplayer and ITV equivalent, so... Read more

Issue connecting to any website

So last week I tried to log onto steam to play some games with friends and it wasn't letting me connect. so I tried to look up reason why this would happen and when ever I attempted to go onto a website I'd get the message of "www.website.com's server IP address could not be found" I can google thing and watch YouTube videos perfectly f... Read more

Computer not booting, CPU fan spins but inconsistent, GPU fans stop after 5 sec

Hello, I have built 4-5 computers and I am currently stuck on the one I'm working on. The CPU and GPU fans go on (GPU fans turn off soon after) the motherboard blinking red. I can't get it to boot. Please help I am so lost. Build is : Cpu i7 8700k Motherboard Z370 killer Lga 1151 Ram 2X G.SKILL 16GB (2 x 8GB) Ripjaws V Series DD... Read more

How to disable block content in Opera 8.0

i am using java samsung mobile in recent days when access websites it shows contents are blocked by operator . how to disable it in java samsung

I lost my recovery cd for Toshiba Satellite A205 windows vista 32 bit. pls help

lost cd for Toshiba Satellite A205 windows vista 32 bit. pls help me to manually factory settings. The goes on but no windows.

Pokemon White version WiFi connection [Solved]

Help i bought à vidéo game Pokemon white version for my son and on the cover or says wi-fi conection but m’y son has a Nintendo ds not a 3 ds but à simple Ds can he still Play With the game witout putting wi-fi connection????

Connection keeps timing out [Solved]

Hey, I'm having problems with my wireless connection, the internet works for all our other computers in my shop, but mine!! It dies out every couple of pages or so and says that my connection has timed out with the following error messages : Connection timed out Connection either timed out or was lost Connection timeout TCP ... Read more

Your Facebook account has been disabled by an administrator [Solved]

have a problem in my facebook when i login it say Your account has been disabled by an administrator i want to know why i am disabled please and when i can login back i hope that you can help me and i thank you for any answer you will give it to me by مرحبا اريد ان استرجاع حسابي في الفيس بوك و اعدكم بعدم نشر منشور مسيئ