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Open my old Gmail account [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Plz opan the my old gmail id Configuration: Configuration: iris400s / Safari 4.0

Snapchat video gets blurry [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I’ve noticed having an issue with my Snapchat. Every time, I record a video using the Snapchat app, it would be very clear with a good resolution, but once I add it to my story it becomes very blurry. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and the camera is really good with a clear resolution. This problem happens only when I add the v... Read more

Forgot Yahoo password, and changed the phone number [Solved/Closed]

I forgot my Yahoo account password, and I have changed the phone number linked to my Yahoo email.

Open new Gmail account [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I want to open a new gmail account. Please help me!

Forgot Gmail password [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I forgot my Gmail account password. Now, Google does not recognize me. I really need to get into my Gmail account. I use this account for work.

Change my mobile number on Gmail [Solved/Closed]

if I forgot my password I have no mobile number my number is lost how to change my cell number without password.

I want to create a Facebook account [Solved/Closed]

Hello,I want to creat a facebook account.Please help me I want to creat a facebook account

Downloading movies off Putlocker [Solved/Closed]

Can you get into trouble for downloading a movie from putlocker for personal use?


You should try with Real player

Connection keeps timing out [Solved]

Hey, I'm having problems with my wireless connection, the internet works for all our other computers in my shop, but mine!! It dies out every couple of pages or so and says that my connection has timed out with the following error messages : Connection timed out Connection either timed out or was lost Connection timeout TCP ... Read more

My personal account is disabled [Solved/Closed]

Hello, so my personal Facebook account was disabled because I made a business page and some reported that so I had to verify my identity on the business page. So I verified my identity on the business page and then it flagged my personal page and they disabled it. So I went through the whole process for like two whole days until they f... Read more

Open my old Gmail account [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Am Gracie kesh how can reopen my old gmail account

Fix the Hidden Files Option is Not Showing Issue in Windows 10 [Solved]

Microsoft Windows has a feature to hide files, so that they are not visible to second person using the PC or laptop. Moreover, Windows itself hide the important files, so that the users do not delete the files accidentally. Thus the ‘Hide Files and Folders’ option is a great feature in MS Windows. However, it becomes problem when we unhid... Read more

keyboard writing q1 w2 e3 instead of q w e [Solved]

Hello, I have laptop Dell Inspiron 1545 Windows XP. l cleaned it by wet hanky. Now when I press (q) = it writes (q1), when I press (w) = it writes (w2) When I press (e) =it write(e3).....the same for (r,u,i,o.p) and the remaining letters don't write anything. I try the solutions like.....(as I dont have num key in my lapt... Read more