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monitor light blinking,no display

Hello everyone... Whenever I switch on my computer, monitor light is just blinking & no display.. I thought it might be because of RAM.. But when I changed my computer's RAM , same problem arises.. And whenever i remove VGA cable from the CPU my monitor just blinks & displays "Cable not connected." Please someone tell me what to do no... Read more

Modem Router MBRN3000 disconnect [Solved]

Hi fellows, To monitor my Photovoltaic standalone system, I use a Netgear router-modem MBRN3000 (bought 2012) and a 3G antenna MTE ZF190. It does work but from time to time the connection to the web is lost probably by 3G network failure, and not restablished. If I am around I just cut the power off and back on. But If I am away? O... Read more

Android to usb working, usb to pc is on write protect

Hello, i have a usb otg that i use to xfer files from usb to android, yesterday after transferring some movies to android phone, i plug to pc and it says drive is write protected. i tried write protect enable on regedit wont work. i tried select disk method wont work either. i can only xfer files from android phone to usb. ... Read more

vga or hdmi?

Hello, I have a older flatscreen tv with vga output. I bought a vga to hdmi converter, which also has a usb connection option. I'm completely confused as nothing is working. The usb port is not recognizing the not smart tv, so i've tried using the hdmi cable to connect from the converter to the computer. No signal. I've tried changing the... Read more

Computer has no signal to monitor

Hello, I used my PC this morning before I packed it up to head to a LAN tournament. I’ve done this several times before and there has been no problems. However this time, when I get to the event and get everything set up, my monitor doesn’t get a signal, but my keyboards LED lights are on and my mouse isn’t working. Tried different monito... Read more

PC turns on but no display [Solved/Closed]

Hello,I have a PC that i ordered. I did a first boot with a HDMI cable ,no windows,i tried to see my bios but my keyboard and mouse plugged in didnt work i tried to use another keyboard but it didnt work.I tried reset didnt work i tried to Google but cant figure it out.I tried to Plug in and out the HDMI cable but no luck. (whenever i ... Read more