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July 6, 2008

conditional formatting

Hello, i am making a spreadsheet in this i want to fill a row with a red color if a cell cantain a text "YES" Please tell me what i have to do PLEASE GIVE ME ANSWER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE Thank You, Vaibhav Read more

Webcam giving reverse picture in vista

Hello, guys when i click any photo it is giving a reverse photo... earlier it was working rite...but since last formatting after i installed vista ultimate it is showing this type of problem


Hello, In the windowslive website service, after clicking "Forgot your password", entering my email id and typing in the characters iin the picture box there is no prompt that says after to"Send password reset instructions to me in email" select "Alternate email address". It only says "Send password reset instructions to me in ... Read more

Windows XP Desktop Screen Split [Solved]

Hello After start up the desktop screen is split in half with a black space in the middle. I cannot move the mouse pointer through the black space but if I scroll to the left it connects to the otherside of the split screen . When I start the computer up in Safe mode I do not get a split screen. Any idea on the root cause of this proble... Read more

upgrade my graphics card

Hello, i have actually a graphics card of 128mb agp port and i wanted to know if its possible for me to upgrade it up to 1giga graphics card? is it possible to do it with an agp graphics card? thanks

PDF convertion [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Do i require a specif program to convert word documents into Pdf?

Thanks Aquarelle.