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Dell Inspiron N5030 laptop flashing red light [Solved]

Hi! I am a new member and looking for a solution to my problem - I have a Dell Inspiron N5030 which is 5 years old - a week ago a red flashing light (3rd light from left) which seems to be my battery light began flashing ....3 red flashes followed with a white laptop is always plugged in - I would like to know what is the proble... Read more

My Dell laptop shuts down when I unplug the charger

Hello, I have a dell latitude laptop. It shuts down whenever I unplug the charger although It's fully charged and the battery is new and in the battery information window appears that battery health is exellent. I heard that I can solve that in the battery settings, can I? If so, how? And if not how to fix the problem? Thanks alot in a... Read more

lenovo laptop - screen goes black after a few seconds

Hello, I got a brand new lenovo laptop and i just change the screen since it keep going black and white but still got problem with the new screen. It keep on going black after a few seconds and i've tried your suggestion to change the power plan but it still the same and i even set the brightness to the lowest but it still the same. It ... Read more

My laptop screen won't turn on [Solved]

Hello, So I have an Hp Laptop seems to be on and working, you can hear the fan going on and some of the little lights are on but the screen just won't turn on, it's just a black screen. this happened a while back and some how we got it working but it happened again and I live really far from any repair store just wanna try fixing it on ... Read more

Can't unhide hidden files on WD My passport

Hello, So normally when you hide files you right click the file above it, select properties, and end up with the attributes read only or hidden which you then uncheck the hidden box of that file to and apply it to the subfolders to unhide the hidden folder. In this case I hid a file that appears when you first open your external hard ... Read more

wd passport not recognised drive works on samsung tv

Watsup Guys, I tried, and researched and wasted over a week trying to fix this. Eventually after installing ses drivers and what what, firmware updater doesnt work and I'm on this page now. I have an ext hdd500gb, my passport, worked perfectly then I remember filling it worked well for a day or so after, and ever since just says win... Read more

My acer aspire e1 510p won't power up

Hello, As explained in the title my laptop will not power up. I have followed the discharge instructions ( unplug power supply, pull the battery, hold the power button for like a minute) when I connect just the power supply and try to power it up the screen light near the track pad lights up for 10 seconds and then goes off. No boot scr... Read more

Acer laptop won't start [Solved]

Hi, my acer aspire won't start, its 4 months old and I'm not able to start it, I know the battery is full but when I try to plug it in there is not light that confirm that it's charging. I tried the rester bottom and the power bottom but nothing seem to repond. What can I do ? Thank you

Can't connect to Internet on laptop even though others work

Hello, We have 3 laptops in the household. Mine fails to connect on Internet sites even though signal is strong. It goes into the connecting mode and locks on endlessly. I have windows 8 and need help as to How I can overcome this problem. Please can somebody help me! System Configuration: System Configuration: Android / Chrome 44.... Read more

Sony vaio e- series laptop self turn off,its totally dead [Solved]

Hello, My vaio e series laptop turn off automatically while running.its totally dead no power no response at all.i tried all steps suggested here but no response at all.the person at sony center said its board problem n should be replaced without even opening laptop.its too costly...can anyone help...m just a student. Any possible solu... Read more

WD Passport lights up but does not connect

Hello, WD hard drive lights up but is not being detected, it works fine before, but now it automatically disconnects. It connects for seconds then disconnects. I tried it with other cables and it lights up but is still undetected. I'm using mac and I have all my files stored in the drive. Hope you answer thanks Configuration: Mac ... Read more

Toshiba Portege z20t Black screen

Hello, I have a Toshiba Portege z20t but when I tried turning it on, it had a black screen. I saw the windows sign like the Press windows and enter the date and time briefly message but then the computer just turned off. However everything else, the back lit keyboard etc. was still on. I am not sure what to do.