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My Gmail account has been hacked

Hello, hlo sir someone hacked my gmail and favebook account and he use my account kindly give me option to lock or remove my account System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 11.0

request to review my facebook acct

Hello, hello..can i request to review again my facebook acct System Configuration: Android / Chrome 63.0.3239.111

Help to activate my Facebook account

Hello, please help me to activate my account.. really I am disturbed a bit bedcause of this issue.. understand me sir... I dont want the name to be changed in fb sorry for the inconvienience System Configuration: Tizen / SamsungBrowser 1.1

RCA cambio can’t get internet or Wifi access

Hello, My tablet/ notebook was working perfectly. I stopped using it for almost a week then when i tried to use it it said no internet connections available. I tried to connect through Bluetooth but still nothing. I reset the whole tablet on manufacturer setting still mothing. Its so depressing what to do?? System Configuration: iP... Read more

Can't sign in to Yahoo mail account no account key

Hello, restore my mobile and now when I am trying to login to my yahoo account they are asking about account key I cant sign in so how I can provide account key which they send in my mail account .I know my e- mail password they are not asking about password they are just showing write account key .help me how can I sign in again ... Read more

Forgot Gmail password

I cancelled my other phone number 0379,but I forgot my PW now I can't recover my other accounts,can you Please help me

External hard disc sane capacity after formatting

Hi I have 1TB Transcend external hard disc and I used it for recovery of pc hard disc (32gb). As I do not need recovery anymore I formatted external hard disc but it still show capacity of 32gb not 1TB and I can not put more files on it as they exceed 32 gb please help