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January 6, 2010

cannot find script file

Hello, i keep getting this error message CANNOT FIND SCRIPT FILE C:/WINDOWS/AUTO1.VBS Can anyone help me? thanks in advance


Hello, my probelm is iwas mistake goto control panel goto folder option under third tab is files type under category drive i click set default and then ok.normally c drive double-click to open but now c drive ,e drive ,f drive all the drive to right click to open the search dialog box is again goto same procedure setdafal... Read more

how do i sync ALL of my songs on my ipod?

Hello, I have songs on my desktop and i have songs on my lap top but i want them both on my ipod. I synced the songs on my desktop to my ipod and then from my lap top to my ipod but only half of the songs from my desktop actually transfered! Is there a way to get all of my songs on my ipod? Read more

No volume control, icon or laptop buttons

Hello, I have a compaq presario v2000. After getting a virus I can no longer control the volume through the volume icon (as I don't have the icon and can't get it even when clicking on the relevant place in the control panel) or through the buttons on my laptop. I do get sound but can't turn it up, down or mute it through the laptop butt... Read more

Speaker not working after using headphone [Solved/Closed]

Hello,This Is Bond Again My Speaker Does not work after using my head phone for a few days I tried everything to make it work like pulling the plugs and put it together again but it does not work too Can Every Body Help Me PleaseSystem Configuration: Windows XP Firefox 3.0.13