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huawei u120e mobile specification

Hello,i lost my manual book for huawei u120e.i would like 2 findout more about this phone ie; -streaming settings and its use -updates -Any tricks or secret codes about this phone i want 2 learn more i have tried 2 look for info at huawei websites but its written in other languages and not english..thnx in adv Configuration: /... uploading

Hello, can a huwei u120e upload pics?if so help me activate the settings coz they ar inactive but they are there.thanx

How 2 format huawei u120e using keypad

I have a problem guys,my huawei u120e internal memory is 4436kb but when i put download something it reaches 1200kb and it start indicating memory full.i have been trying 2 reset it but i have lost my phone pasword..what can i do 2 restore my memory or 2 format it using keypad?please help code huawei u120e [Solved]

Hello,i forgot my security code 4 my huawei u120e please help what should i do? Configuration: / Opera 9.80

Title...Security code

Hello,i want 2 findout wats the default security code for huawei u120e?

Title..master code for my huawei u120e

Hello, guys i lost my security code for huawei u120e.i need master code to unlock my phone thnx in advance

Title...Activation of yahoo [Solved]

I have an account at yohoo but unfortunately it has been deactivated because i wasnt logging in frequently.How can i activate it?

Title...Memory card

Guys help me on how i can unlock my memory card..I lost my pasword

Title...0pera mini

Hello, guys i hav the codes for opera but i dont know how to put them help me to know how to configure,am using nokia 6230

updates for my nokia 6230

Hello, i want 2 find out if there updates for my nokia 6230.If so kindly list them down and show me how 2 upgrade my nokia for a newer one..