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May 1, 2017

cell keeps asking for my google account and password

Hello, I got a new cell and it keeps asked for my google account and password however always rejects my answer. My cell is not a device linked to my google account...not sure how to do it / Configuration: Configuration: Windows / Chrome 54.0.2840.99

Malware Detected on my own website? [Closed]

I recently upload a file on my website and this file detect a malware on browser.this file does not have any interrupted code.kindly advise me how to resolve this problem.and where i can upload this file .

Old password recovery

Hello, Can't remember old password to old gmail account Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 52.0.2743.98

Problem in Print

Hello, When i print by printer model No EPSON L210 SERIES print first copy in black & white then Second time Print Color Please solve my Problem Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 50.0

no access to phone and forgot password [Solved]

Hello, Trying to recover an email I have no access to phone and forgot password Configuration: Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 46.0.2490.76

reset password

My email account ***@*** I have forgotten my password and when I try to put a code into an account that is associated with this account I still can't log in I need help I didn't think it would be this hard to change a password can you help

What is Lava Arc mini PUK Code ?

Hello, Can any one tell me what is PUK code in LAVA Arc Mini ? Configuration: Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 49.0.2623.112

lost my password and mobile recovery code

Hello, I lost my password and mobile recovery code and security question. Please could you help me to reopen my account Configuration: Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 54.0.2840.85

recover emails

Hello, how to retrieve 2 years back deleted emails in gmail