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December 24, 2018
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January 7, 2019

regain to facebook account

Hello, hi sir / madam pleas help me out to regain my account back soon I have some important documents in my account and my account is on waiting from last 4 months pleas help me out as soon as possible

Disabled Facebook account

Hello, I’m having a problem here when I try to process the appeal form it's said "error occurred while submitting the form please try again later" I don't know what to do cause I've try it several time but still receive one message please help me out Read more

my Facebook Account disabled due to copyright infringement? [Closed]

Hello, my Facebook Account disabled due to copyright infringement Now how can i recover , or to create new facebook account facebook noy allowing me to use fb , please i need the solution

How do I recover my old Facebook account [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Pls I need my old Facebook account user name

Unable to access my Facebook account

Hello, I forgot my Facebook password and I couldn't open it because Facebook doesn't verify me as the owner because. I don't have any email or phone number linked to it. I was using that account since 5 years and I don't want to lose it. Please see through my request and help me get my account back.

Disappointed in Facebook

Hello, Facebook claims to take security, privacy, and safety very seriously. However, not in my case! I have been stalked and hacked by the same perps (ex roommates) reporting them to fb, along with every other agency I could think of. I am sick of having to make new accounts only to be abused over and over. I am a disabled se... Read more

Virus in my pendrive

Hello, Sir can you tell. Virus in my pen drive has changed my folders into files ho can i change back into folders my all data in these folder if it can't change my all data lost. Pls help me.

Free activation key for MS Office 2016

Hi, I have MS Office 2016 but it isn't activated. I tried every key to activate it but none of them worked. So, can someone help me about this?

I need my old Orkut pictures [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Could you please help me I want to my old picture. My email ID is ***@*** Thank you Junaid