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March 29, 2019

Pc died

Hello I'm just using my laptop it suddenly freezes(hanged) i hard reset it but when i turn on it again it turn on for 2 seconds and then turn off plz suggest me a solution plz guys plz anyone.

LED moniter is too bright

The LCD of my PC is too bright even i can't read any document, its not software issue i adjust it from the control panel but nothing happend, I also change its color tone by the adjustment buttons given on the led monitor screen. what should i do?

My flash drive doesn't appear on the screen

Hello, My flash drive doesn't even appear on the screen, how can I fix it? First it started by telling me to format i fixed Then it became unreadable. I fixed it, but it didn't open. Now it doesn't even appear on the computer screen and I can't even navigate on Windows explorer. Read more

External hard drive corrupted and unreadable

Hello, My external hard drive cant be opened it says corrupted and unreadable . I don't want to format it as it contains valuable data. Any idea how to recover my data or fix this issue. I have tried cmd chkdsk it doesn't work. The hard drive is 1 Tb. Also my hard drive is bitlocker protected and eventhough it is unlocked in my pc so... Read more

How to open a file from Light Room in Photoshop?

Hello, I brought a picture from light room to photoshop and it wouldn't let me make any adjustments to the picture. Not sure if it's something specific to moving a picture from LR to PS?? Thanks, David Read more

The touch pad on my Acer Aspire is still frozen

Hello, The touch pad on my Acer Aspire is frozen and wont work even though I've tried the fn+f7 button.

My laptop won't turn on [Solved]

Hello, I was watching a movie when I plugged in my earphones and then my computer crashed. I couldn't move the mouse cursor and my computer was frozen for like 5 minutes. I tried to open task manager, but it didn't open so I just pressed on-off button and shut my computer off. After waiting couple minutes I tried to turn it on, but not... Read more

Dell laptop showing black screen [Solved]

Hello, I have problem with my Dell laptop inspirion 15 3000 series showing black screen with movable cursor. Windows 8.1 I tried ctrl+alt+del but no use. I can't see the screen. Please help me Thanks in advance