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LED moniter is too bright [Solved]

The LCD of my PC is too bright even i can't read any document, its not software issue i adjust it from the control panel but nothing happend, I also change its color tone by the adjustment buttons given on the led monitor screen. what should i do?

External hard drive corrupted and unreadable

Hello, My external hard drive cant be opened it says corrupted and unreadable . I don't want to format it as it contains valuable data. Any idea how to recover my data or fix this issue. I have tried cmd chkdsk it doesn't work. The hard drive is 1 Tb. Also my hard drive is bitlocker protected and eventhough it is unlocked in my pc so... Read more

My laptop won't turn on [Solved]

Hello, I was watching a movie when I plugged in my earphones and then my computer crashed. I couldn't move the mouse cursor and my computer was frozen for like 5 minutes. I tried to open task manager, but it didn't open so I just pressed on-off button and shut my computer off. After waiting couple minutes I tried to turn it on, but not... Read more

How to open a file from Light Room in Photoshop?

Hello, I brought a picture from light room to photoshop and it wouldn't let me make any adjustments to the picture. Not sure if it's something specific to moving a picture from LR to PS?? Thanks, David Read more