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My samsung j2 not working after a software update

Hello, Sir my samsung j2 screen not working after a software update

Mouse problems

Hello. I hope i can find a litle help from you. I have installed C.STRIKE 1.6 WARZONE, but I have a problem with mouse because it does not shoot. I click with left mouse button but nothing, just nothing, also it does not zoom . so what and how can i make it work please. when i touch button enter in my keyboard yes it shoots. Thank y... Read more

Need help with my sims launcher

Hello, my sims 3 lanch wont go to the start where I can choice what save game I want to play

account access

hello am not able to log into my facebook account because i cant get activation code yet i have the phone...what could be the issue

Get more Instagram followers

Hello, I kindly need your help. I've mentioned that almost all even smallest companies have thousands of followers on Instagram. I've read a lot of articles how to attract new followers and I followed the instructions, but it doesn't really work. I mean I create a unique and qualified content, do regular posts, use hashtags.. But there a... Read more

Facebook requires security check and I've lost the phone number

Hello, help me out to acces me my account! now there is no number shows on my facebook profile help me out guyz.

Some laptop keys not working

A month ago I took the A and S keys off my laptop -and then was an idiot and snapped the little brackets trying to put them back on. At first this was fine because the keys still worked alright they were just a bit annoying but now the S, W, X, 2 and some of the function keys don't work at all. I've tried updating the drivers, uninstall... Read more

Unable to send photos from my phone to my Mac

Hi i am trying to send photos from my phone to my mac but it keeps saying that i need to make sure the connections is open. i can send files to my phone from the mac no problem at all. i have made sure that my computer is allowing to receive files which it is and it will pick up the phone on the computer but when it goes to connect it ini... Read more

What song are you currently listening to?

Hello. Can you share a good song you are listening to? so that I can hear and feel. thank you!