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Continuous three beeps

I have a custom built computer that I have built this year DDR3 memory 32 GB of RAM motherboard is a MSI A 7 AM – E45 V2 it is water cold by Coursier HV 2Extreme CPU is a AMD 5800-A10 processor also an ATI Radeon XFX R7 390X Recently added a few fans now when starts everything comes on but computer just continuously bee... Read more

How do I print using "save as pdf" but in a Samsung Galaxy Note?

I have been trying for a long time to print using a plugin that permit "save as pdf" as I usually do in any other hardware model using Android +5.1.1 Is there anyone who could kindly perform a test specifically on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and revert confirming whether is it possible or not? In case of be possible, share the tip or... Read more

connecting my Android mobile Internet to my pc

Hello, I have a problem in connecting my Android mobile Internet to my pc via usb. Plz tell me how should I resolved my problem for connecting my pc with Internet via usb My Android mobile is Sony Xperia M2 dual. Plz help me..... Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 52.0.2743.98 Read more

Slow Booting issue on windows 10!!!

Hello!! One day I deactivated the "fast boot" option in the system options, just to try, and after activating it again, every time I restart my computer I have to wait like 30 seconds, knowing that I have the "fast boot" already activated. I dont know what to do!! and I have also deactivated the "Delayed launcher" in the task manager!... Read more

computer restarts when I am playing videos

My computer restarts when I am playing videos. My pc specs are as follows. PC - DELL (optiplex 760) CPU - Intel E8400 (Clock speed 3.0Ghz/ Core 2/ Cache 6mb/ Bus speed 1333mhz) RAM - 4Gb DDR2 (2 memory modules/ 2Gb each, 800mhz) VGA - 256mb On board Power Supply - 305W / DELL original Can anyone suggest what is the probl... Read more

not opening operamini

Hello, good evening phone is LG-210ds I have already installed operamini browser yes, some days before it was working properly.but nowadays it's creating problems it say "review your network setting" but I don't know how to do this act.I am using wifi google is working good pls suggest me

Bootmgr compressed hp mini

I have an HP Mini 1000. It has no optical drive to insert a cd/dvd in to repair bootmgr. i do however have a bootable usb that allows me to get into dos but it keeps telling me the programs cannot be run from dos. i recieved the mini as a gift so i dont know what os it has/had on it or what hardware it came with.

system not shutting down properly

hello, MY dell inspirion n1510 is shutting down but the power light/led is always on until i have to press and hold down for some seconds before it will finally off or still when there is no more power on the system. i have reinstall it operating system several time but is desame result, please what can i do to correct thi... Read more