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New function (spoiler)

Hello This might amuse some of you. Spoiler You can now use spoilers to hide text. The text will be displayed when you go over it with the mouse (or when the mobile and tablet screen is touched)! To do this, simply use the tag Read more

How to stop iTunes long backup for iphone

I want to sync my iPhone and it's backing up all my stuff first. It takes forever and it's pissing me off, what's a simple way to stop this madness? This problem, I think is the frequent situation that you may come across when using iTunes. So how to stop the backup on iTunes ? Here are two ways here. The first way is just abo... Read more

unable to turn on

Hello, my Toshiba laptop is unable to turn on even I have tried the previous steps, so please help me? Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0

Need to create a macro

i have no clue on how to create a macro.i need to copy all items in sheet 1 rows to columns in sheet 2 every time its updated. sheet one will change every week but sheet 2 should hold historic data.Please help

solution for automatically shutdown system in the booting time.

Hello, I have my PC with Configuration Processor : p4 Motherboard : Intel Ram 1GB Whenever i Switch On or Power ON my Computer, then automatically shutdown the system in the booting time. Please tell me what may be the problem and how to rectify it Regards Hello, Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 36.0 Read more

cannot open my gmail

Hello, I opened my gmail recently and now have a password etc to fill in that I have not had before. how do I now open my gmail now? Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0

Wifi at school

should schools have free WIFI for students with phones

Pictures of Your home town or city

Greetings averyone, En.Kioskea has members all over this planet. It would be interesting to see what your hometown or city looks like. Here is the city of one of our members situated in Shawinigan, Québec. (Canada) Your home town or home city will be posted on Kioskea's Facebook page. Please give the exact location and c... Read more

Members corner geo-localization

Hello ! If you are interested in geo-localization of CCM members all around the world, have a look to ! Enjoy ! :) Edit I need some sort of follow-up by Crashounette ;o) La supériorité du QI ne compense pas la médiocrité du coe­ur. Read more

how I can download things though my smart PhOne

Hello, please helP me how I can download things though my smart PhOne Configuration: / Opera 9.80Hello, Configuration: / Opera 9.80

Raving Rabbids vs. Minions

Hi all, Today, I'm coming to you with a question of life or death!! Well...not really..but it is important for the future of the humanity. You known the Raving Rabbid? (If not, I must ask you how it is possible!?) First discovered with Rayman, a video game hero created by Ubisoft, they are now walking on their way, having their own ... Read more


Hello, can whasapp be installed on nokia 5130 xpress music? thanks. regards. and how can you start using IM messages on the same phone...when ever i try to run the service it just says check connection settings. how can i configure it. it asks me the user ID, SERVER ADDRESS, AND TO USE PREF. ACCESS POINT(OPTIONAL) HELP GUYS