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September 18, 2008

got error in insatalling vlc player in vista

Hello, i got an an error message everytime i install new vlc player in my vista it shows-" error writing to file libqt4_plugin.dll" plz help i also tried older version but same problem persists

DOS batch file

Hello Everyone, I'm new in using batch file scripting. I'm in need batch file that display a welcoming message before displaying Microsoft Windows operating system version. Next, it will display the current disk volume and serial number before showing all the files and directories of current directory, page by page. Finally, the ba... Read more

i need to know how to connect the internet

Hello, I need some help connecting an internet to my laptop using the same line! We have done it before but need and want assitance could you please help

cannot connect my dvd .

Hello, I am actually encounting a rare problem with my pc I cant connect my new dvd rom through sata port. I have two hard disks connected in sata 1 and sata ports and one through ide ports primary master. When I connect my new dvd rom it cannot get past the bios upto windows it will just freeze anyone can help me please? Read more