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RunDLL error

When I want to uninstall all of the futures from this app, and then to install it, I have this problem. I don't know why... I deleted all of the files from the folder where it was installed, and then this problem appears every time when I want to uninstall it. The game is not installed in my computer, I can't uninstall it, and if I press ... Read more

Monitor not receiving signal [Solved]

Hello, So im trying to find answers I see that this question gets answered a lot. Sorry for repitition but, my issue is slightly different? Built my first PC finished everything up an booted and didnt get signal (was planning to see BIOS at least). Put in Windows 10 disk, rebooted and after the POST, monitor got signal and (kept de... Read more

Read this message thoroughly! I've spoken with a very helpful g [Deleted]

Read this message thoroughly! I've spoken with a very helpful gentleman at the Apple Store (technical department) and he said that I need to download WIFI drivers for Windows 10 Pro (operating on a MacBook Pro) but he didn't know what type of drivers that I need to download. I didn't install Windows 10 Pro on Bootcamp! Can y'all assist... Read more

missing or corrupt: \ windows\ system32\config\system

In my computer there is written Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \ windows\ system32\config\system You can attempt to repair this file by starting window using the original setup CD-room Select 'e'en at the first screen to start repair

My Dell XPS 15 Notebook has black screen when start up

Hello, I had a Dell XPS 15 notebook with GForce GT540M graphics card running windows 7 professional 64bit. When I power on the notebook, it won't kick off the Dell start up screen but instead had a loud hissing noise made by the fan and a black screen. I had to power on and off the computer for at least 10 times before the Dell start... Read more

no cpu light, but cpu fan running

Hello, when i switch on cabinet fan is running. motherboard led is glowing. cpu fan is running. grphics card fan is running. cd rom tray can be opened. but nothing on monitor. led on cabinet indicating status of cpu is off. please tell me what can be the problem. Read more

Connected to wifi but no internet access [Closed]

Hello, I tried to connect to my wifi box this morning i dont have a computer or laptop just have a wifi box and it just stopped working it says on my phone connected but no internet access ive restarted both my phone and the wifi box atleast 5 times and unplugging and leaving for 5 minutes but it still dosent work any ideas anyone ... Read more