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netbook has been very slow again, possible virus?

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 33.0.1750.154 Hi. Again, for some unfortunate reasons my netbook is working very slow for the hundredth time. When I open my browser (chrome) it is like taking forever to load the page. Skype also cannot survive for longer conversations and even youtube, screen will freeze and a squ... Read more

internet program wont open

Hello I have a vio Sony laptop and I've had several virus problems before .And I'm afraid that some of those virus had a great affect on my programs that it has affected my internet explorer internet status says that I am in fact connected to the internet however whenever I try to open the internet explorer program a window ... Read more

Chrome Causes PC to Crash

hi this is vinay my pc shuts down automatically when iam using chrome but have no problem while using explorer and even shuts down while using mozilla how do i solve this problem please help.


how can i instal ms office 2010?

USB Virus - shortcuts

Hello, can anyone please help? Please can anyone tell me how to remove the USB Virus that changes all my files to shortcuts and adds directories like f8f8f Much appreciated Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0

my D Drive

before i made one short cut folder on desktop name is All Jobs new suddenly this massage is coming ( the item jobsnew tha this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved, so this shortcut will no longer work properly do you want delete this shortcut. i can not see my data so please help me what is solutions. now one drove is showing... Read more

USB Files made into Shortcuts

My USB Files are automatically getting converted into Shortcuts of 1 KB each. I tried formatting my pen drive, but it still does not work. i tried different pendrives, but to no avail. it tends to corrupt every external harddrive that i plug in. I tried MalwareBytes, it doesnt detect the File. I used CMD and attrib thingy, and it sh... Read more

Microsoft Essential Update

Hello, I am using Microsoft Essential antivirus .. but i can't update it and i don't know why in spite of my connection works fine .. when i try to update it , it gives me the following message : Virus and spyware definitions update failed , Error code : 0x80070422 any solutions please .


Hello, i have a problem regarding kingston 8GB pen drive.when i am cunneted to the computer it is appearing in mycomputer.but when i tried to open it ,it is asking me format first. When i tried to format it ,it is not formating and showing that the windows can not format.It is showing that the used memory is 0GB and free memory is 0GB. pl... Read more

laptop not turning fan

Hello,my asus laptop doesn't turn on, power led on but fan don't turn. Please help Configuration: / Opera 9.80

folders in drives problems

anytime i put in a flash drive, the folders duplicates, one side will be application, while the other side will be the real folders