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Write protection

So i have a flashdrive that has write protection on i tried to follow what you said but i couldnt find the last folder so i cant turn off the write protection i even tried the command prompt before but thatdidnt wprl... what do i do i need this for school

Micro SD card doesn't get formatted.

Hello, i just got a new Huawei P8 lite 2017 and a new 32gb micro sd card with it, a Toshiba miscroSDHC UHS-I Card. I think somewhere in the beginning i goofed up and put the wrong password on the SD card when they asked me to so i wanted to format it or get the password back. And as i can't find the password (i tried the other thread that... Read more

Hibernating laptop

Hello, I was shutting down my laptop last night when its battery is running out. Then i try to open it in the morning but when i open it , i can only see the word hibernating... What should i do? I hope you can help me. Godbless System Configuration: Android / Chrome 43.0.2357.93 Read more

Pendrive does not show files

Hello there! Recently I copied files and pics from my computer to a flash drive in order to transfer them to a new computer I bought. Both computers are running Windows 7. When I put the drive into the new computer nothing seems to have been copied, yet when put into any other computer files show up. Is this more a computer issue? I also ... Read more

Toshiba Laptop not booting

Hello, I am having problems with my toshiba laptop it won't came on the fan on working but still having a black screen on my laptop and I have tried to reboot it still a black screen System Configuration: Android / Chrome 38.0.2125.102

recover data from hdd

I have external 320 gb hdd i just saved my impartant data .. I just plugged but my laptop sata+ide=usb its not Recognized so i checked with another hdd drive which is 50gb older (only pins) i plugged in its showed up just surprised ..and how to slove this issue (valueble pic and data are there how to recover the data Plz help Thanks... Read more

not charging battery

Hello, I have an hp 2000...bought a new battery,replaced power port and power still will not charge the says it is plugged in and charging but it is not chargeing System Configuration: Windows / Edge 14.14393

Laptop closes automatically after 5-10 mins

So guys i recently have been playing gta san andreas and after playing 10-15 min my laptop closed automatically.And i thank if it was some virus but nothing.The game was alright running and i was playing it with lot of fun.But then my laptop closes rndmly from nowhere.Please help me.I downloaded gta sa from ocenofgames.Reply in my mail

Harddrive not reading on tv and laptop

Hi there, Please someone help. My WDBPCK5000ABK-03 hard drive is not working. We plug it into the USB point in the TV as usual and the WHITE light comes on and the drive makes a noise but then nothing happens. Same on the laptop. Please can anyone advise . I can't afford to buy a new one. :( Thank you Tammy Read more

Audio Jack problem

Hello, I plugged in my audio jack in Dell Inspiron 15 model but could not hear sound from microphone.. the sounds are audible from Speakers only.What should i do to enable my microphone..well, i didn't find any option in Device Manager suitable to serve my purpose. Plz help System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 54.0.2840.99 Read more