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unable to copy data from laptop to external hardisk transcend on [Solved/Closed]

dear experts, iam unable to copy any kind of data from my laptop to external hard disk. it is one tb transcend store jet hard disk. while copying getting error message is: an error has occurred, the destination you have specified does not exist. it might be an offline network location or empty cd or dvd drive. check the location and... Read more

WINDOWS ERROR. Can't play some .mp4 files when copied in SeagateHDD

Hello! I've been working on my new HDD - Seagate 1TB. I tried copying my .mp4 video files individually and with folders. They play smoothly on my Win10 Acer laptop but when it finishes copying and I try to play some of them, 0xc00d36c4 error appears. P.S. I copied them using Unstoppable Copier. Help me, please! What should I do? Sys... Read more

WD Hard Drive has made a new folder

Hello, My Western Digital hard drive seems to have made a new folder and moved a lot of my movies over to it. This file does show when plugged into my computer but I cannot access it, but when plugged into my smart tv, I can access it and delete the films that way, problem only came to light when it said I had no more storage. Also it h... Read more

Compaq Presario CQ40 - "Unmountable Boot Volume" Error

Hello, I have a Compaq Presario CQ40 which doesn't want to boot up. It starts ok, asks me if I want to start windows normally goes on to the black screen where the windows logo come up then from there things start to go downhill. A blue screen appears just for a flash and then it restarts. The flash is so quick that I had to take a video... Read more

no SATA to IDE or AHCI

Hi, I do not have settings in BIOS for changing from SATA to IDE or AHCI. Just date ,clock, device boot order, secure boot, and turning on or of boot devices. Sony,f*cking Vaio. Always totaly different from everybody else System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 49.0.2623.112

Half of my laptop screen is white [Closed]

helo evryone, my acer laptop suddenly have problem, half of the screen is white (verticle/at the bottom) however the task bar or windows still functional if i drag the mouse randomly at the position, the only problem is i cant see . the laptop is never fell or anything like that, it just happen :( the laptop still function as usual, its j... Read more

Computer shuts off after plugging in anything.

Hello, OK so here's my issue I had some very quick warning about USB pop-up while on my computer, it was very quick and shut down my computer immediatly. Computer WOULD NOT statt back first thought was PSU so I got a new one (EVGA 700B) the test kit it came with worked properly so I know it's not the new PCU after hooking every... Read more

My Toshiba laptop will not set

Hello, Hi can someone please try to help me with the following questions please I am getting the Toshiba set up utility and then I get lost as I don't have much experience with computers I will be very grateful for your help thank you System Configuration: Android / Chrome Read more

HP EliteBook 9720m won't boot after the BIOS failed.

Let me first start by saying The biggest thank you to all the techies on this site for their support! I have found many solutions on ccm and have not had to post. (Search function is amazing lol) Alright, so where am I at that I am literally on my knees begging for your help. My HP elitebook folio 9720m, Windows 7 enterprise 64bit (us... Read more

windows keep rebooting Help !

Hello, Help windows keep rebooting every 5 or 6 min :( after i tried to remove virus from my pc was changing mp3 and movies to unknown extension destroying them, also i think my site is infected too !! System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 57.0.2984.0 Read more