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Continues beeps

Hello, I got continues beeps followed by 3 long beeps at the end what is the problem can anyone please solve this my motherboard is gigabyte ga h61m s1 Configuration: Configuration: Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 54.0.2840.85

Half of my laptop screen is white [Closed]

helo evryone, my acer laptop suddenly have problem, half of the screen is white (verticle/at the bottom) however the task bar or windows still functional if i drag the mouse randomly at the position, the only problem is i cant see . the laptop is never fell or anything like that, it just happen :( the laptop still function as usual, its j... Read more

Only wallpaper is showing on my desktop,no icons and start

Sir u gave answer to this topic,your answer starts with holding ctrl+shift+esc but a pop up came telling that task manager is disabled by administrator,I Even tried ctrl+alt+delete but there is no files option to go forward through one of your solution,plz help me out of this nightmare

unable to copy data from laptop to external hardisk transcend on [Solved/Closed]

dear experts, iam unable to copy any kind of data from my laptop to external hard disk. it is one tb transcend store jet hard disk. while copying getting error message is: an error has occurred, the destination you have specified does not exist. it might be an offline network location or empty cd or dvd drive. check the location and... Read more

Computer continuous beeps while starting

Hello my computer was working fine without causing any issue . Suddenly i came from out of my vacation and tried to log in the same and now am experiencing issue with while its starting .The sound keep continuing without any stop . any idea on it is highly appreciate

WD My Passport 0740 Not Seen in Windows Explorer [Solved]

Good Morning! Please help! I have an external hard drive, WD Passport 0740 that was working fine until now. The computer sees it when I plug it in (because I get the option to eject it), I can also see it in device manager, but I can't see it in Windows Explorer and thus, can't access the files. Through device manager, I was able to ... Read more

Hard disk not detected in BIOS [Solved]

Hello, I am using Windows 7 on Sony Vaio laptop (model number VGN-NR11Z/T). Recently, I tried to start it, but it shows "no operating system found". I checked the BIOS and "Hard disk: None". I applied the default settings in BIOS and restarted the laptop. But, it didn't improve. So I gave up! After a few hours, I again checked ... Read more

PC won't boot, change the RAM slot, then works [Solved]

Hello, My PC recently started behaving strange. Yesterday, it worked fine. Today, when I tried to turn it on, fans and other basic things were working fine, but BIOS was not booting. I have 1 RAM of 4 GB. I put it in another RAM slot in my motherboard, and then the PC started. It's not the RAM socket that has the problem, because I ha... Read more

When I shutdown my PC its getting restart automatically

Dear, Greetings! I have DELL 9020 with 1TB HDD, 12GB RAM (3 No.s 4+4+4) , 4GB VGA 610 card, Windows 7 Professional When I start my PC its works fine. When I want to shutdown my pc, I will shutdown and everything will be closed and my system shutdowns. But here after 3-5 sec My system automatically restarts. I don't know why. So nor... Read more

External Hard Drive freezes Windows but works fine on Linux(

I have this Toshiba external hard disk. Gave it to a friend to use for a couple of days, he brought it back and I couldn't use it no more. It either doesn't show up at all in My Computer and Disk Management or it shows up but when I attempt to open, it freezes Windows Explorer. I opened Device Manager to try and uninstall and re-install b... Read more

Lenovo Yoga 3 won't turn on [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I'vehad my lenovo yoga 3 for maybe 3 months and this is the second time it's suddenly turned off. My friend pressed the power button a couple times last time and magically worked but he doesnt know exactly what he did. I can't figure out how to take the battery out to try that way and the power button isn't doing anything. What d... Read more