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Identifying verification photo

Hello, Sir my Facebook account was blocked by identifying photo,it cannot accept my photo sir, please unblock my Facebook account sir,my business details are there in Facebook sir please help sir

Disable FB account [Solved]

Hello, Sir My FB account is disabled.How can I open my disabled fb account .

Facebook account [Solved]

Hello, Today my Facebook account is disabled please open my Facebook account thank you

Challenges on yahoo account [Solved]

Hello, I forgot my password and phone number can u pls help me recover it pls

Someone took my account

Hello, Someone took my fb and changed everything password email adress and there is no phone number on my account..plus my email is not available anymore. I just have my devices where I was opening my account..what can I do to get my account back?? Hoa

how many copyright claims come to my facebook page

Hello, how many copyright claims come to my facebook page, my facebook page is disabled

How to change the language in MX player? [Solved]

Hello, I have a movie in dual audio. It is starting in English, but I want to start in Hindi. In MX Player there is no option for Hindi language for the audio track. Thanks

accounts passwords wrong

Hello My accounts passwords roung then Dont open my accounts sorry something went wrong forget and restart your password help me

Orkut [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Plz login available my orkut account because my pic have in tha orkut. Com so plz start account Thanks