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removing false in excel [Solved]

=IF(D5>=150000,D5*21/100,IF(D5>=100000,D5*15/100,IF(D5>=70000,D5*21/100,IF(D5>=50000,D5*7/1000)))) What,s wrong in this formula Please Help!

EXCEL, If column terms match text In range b equal to or less th

Ive been racking my brain, the attached photo illustrates roughly what Im trying to do, top and bottom images illustrates a collection if 12k pictures I need to associated the id depicted in the middle portion of the attached image.... what I have ... i know im going the wrong way and my job is kinda depending on this... lol HELP! I know ... Read more

specific price depending on the words in 2 cells? please help [Solved]

Hello, I am using excel 2008 for Mac, i need help with the following: example: A1 has a drop down box of 3 choices, apples, pears and peaches A2 has a drop down box of 3 choices, .5kg, 1kg and 5 kgs how do i make the relevant price appear in A3 depending on the combination chosen? Thanking you in advance. Read more


How much do each of the products cost?

Answer Excel

I want to build intelligent excel [Solved]

Task is: For example I have list of different fruits in cells in separate rows Apple Pear Plum I want the data to be copied to third cell, if second has x in it example: Apple Pear Plum I put x next to Apple Apple x Pear Plum Then Apple will be copied to third column as Apple x Apple Pear Plum Thank... Read more

Tell excel where to look [Solved]

Hello, I am trying to make a cell return a word when you tell it which cell to look in for that word. If i type J2 in a box i want a cell to then look in J2 and return the value, so say november is in J2 thats what i want this cell to show. Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 46.0.2490.86 Read more


=J2 Is that what you want?

Answer Excel

Match two unique criteria, total from a third .add to new sheet

Hello Apologies if this has been answered in another thread, I have tried to ask the question in many different ways but cannot come up with anything that helps. I have several columns of data regarding damages that contain Date;Item;Volume;Reasons Code in one sheet. I am trying to define trends. I am trying to check that if a ... Read more

Need help with date and if statement newbie [Solved]

Hello, I am trying to work out a formula if possible, to determine a date based on a date in another cell. So if the Date in Cell A is 3/1/2015, I need Cell B to say 1/1/2015. But the key is if Cell A's date is between day 1-15, Cell B should return 1st of current month. if Cell A's date is between day 16-31 (or last day of month... Read more

time calculation (TimeXnumber) [Solved]

Hello, i want calculate the salary of workers like the following example. worker No.1 salary/hour 1$ working hours this week 3:45 (3 hours and 45 minutes) the answer must be 3.75$ but i want a formula for this, i will appreciate your answers as always.

Conditional formatting with range [Solved]

Hello, I have a little bit of a problem, I want to mark a cell in a range that is equal to another cell in different range, I can't figure it out. Here is an example and the file: If a number in A1:A12 equals to a number in D4:P10 then color the matching cell in the range (D4:P10) in red Read more

conditionally copy columns [Solved]

Hello, I have a table with thousands of rows of text. Column B has errors in the data which I have fixed in column C (has many blank cells). I would like to copy the data from column B into column D unless there is a value in column C, in which case I would like to copy the data in column C. I've tried several formulas to no avail. Any he... Read more

Change a range dynamically - VBA script. [Solved]

Hi everyone. I am stuck on a small problem with writing a Macro in Excel and would appreciate some help. I have the following script: For Each c In ActiveSheet.Range("A4:AL54,AM4:AN34").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeBlanks) c.Select ActiveSheet.Paste pastes_left = pastes_left - 1 Exit ... Read more

How to merge the data from 2 different sheets into 1?

I currently have 2 spreadsheets which show payments from 2 different companies. I'd like to be able to merge them into one spreadsheet which updates itself and adds the new data every time a new entry is made to either one of the 2 base sheets. So pretty much: "f_clc_2014" is the first sheet "f_vina_2014" is the second one "combin... Read more

Rating from Parameter Lookup [Solved]

Hi.. I have some data that reference parameter to fill Rating in my excel sheet. The problem is those parameter are in Text Type. Here is the example For example, If the "Result" already fill in each Profile & Quarter (column I3, K3, M3, O3), how can I fill it's "Rating" in column J3, L3, N3, P3 based on RATING parameter in co... Read more

HELP HELP HELP Excel Formula

Hello, I really need help trying to figure out this formula, as I have tried so many different formulas and can't seem to find one that works. I need a formula in where, In "Column F" If it says "Approved" and there is no numeric value in Column E, the cell in Column E turns yellow. Please help! Thanks! Configuration: Windows / ... Read more

excel find a value delete rows until any valu

Hi Can any help me please? I am an Excel Macro virgin and this site seems brilliant! I am trying to: -find a value (PPA Pre-Checkpoint4) in a certain column (AX) -delete the whole row that contains that value -continue to delete rows until something is found in the column (AX) of any value -continue to do the above until there... Read more

Dividing excel rows into appropriate columns

Hi, I could really use help on the following with my Excel 2007 file-- I have huge excel files that need to be rearranged into proper format. Currently they are in this format (using a very simplified example): Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Person1 socks 3 Person1 pants 4 Person1 ties 10 Person1 hats 6 Person2 socks 2 Person2 pants... Read more