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Problems with laptop batteries [Solved]

Hey there, I thinking about purchasing a new laptop but a friend of mine told me that these apparatus have a big problem with their batteries and have to be regularly changed but the only thing is that they are quite expensive. Anyone can give me some clues about this saying? Read more

Flash drive or memory stick [Solved]

If your flash drive or memory stick the plugs into yuor USB port doesn't work unplug your flash drive or memory stick from the USB port and go to "start menu" and click "shut doun" and a window will come up on your moniter the options will be "standby" and "shut down" and "restart" click "restart" and then when your computer has came b... Read more

Downloading VLC [Solved]

Hello, Have tried again and again to download VLC but my computer will not let it happen even when I turn of the security protection. How else can I download it?

Shell, Grep and Sed [Solved]

Hello, I need help. I have to sort information from a file and place into excel I no that I have use a shell with the cmds 'grep' and 'sed' but unsure how to go about it The file looks like this: 26/10/01 686856 70.00 26/10/01 STANDING ORDER 1301.25 27/10/01 686849 580.00 28/10/01 653937 21.00 29/10/01 653938 20.00 29/10/01 6... Read more

Fn key type numbers and symbols instead [Solved/Closed]

Hello, the 'Fn' key make me type numbers and symbols instead of letters when I want to. However, it looks as if the 'Fn' key was stucked. I can't type the 'i', 'u', 'o', and 'p'. All I get are numbers and symbols. How do you reset the 'Fn' key? I have tried restarting the laptop with no avail. Actually is my wife's Gateway lapto... Read more

need activiation code [Solved]

hi can i please have the activation code for windows live 8

Invitation card... [Solved/Closed]

Hello everybody, An invitation card... to come in this topic next October the 30th to gather and meet, joke and laugh. Everybody is welcome but... has to offer something to eat and... something to drink :) with... a few words about each one of us... to introduce oneself to the others, cos nobody knows nobody here... Well, an op... Read more