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acer aspire one 532h-2dr wifi problem

Hello, i have a acer aspire one 532h-2dr but my wifi acess is gone and i dont have a installer will you pls give me a installer...???

pen drive not detected by pc

Hello, i hv a 2 gb moserbaer pen drive..It was working properly but from some time my pc cudnt detect it.on opening MY COMPUTER "removable H drive" is shown by pc, on double clicking it says "insert a disc into H drive "Pleeez help me Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0 Read more

hidden files

Hello, Iam new to this I need a help to slove a problem ,that icant see my hidden files in drives Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox

my ipod sync with Itunes

Hello, so im trying to get my new songs on my ipod so i plugged in my ipod it says its connected and everything but wont show up on my itunes so i cant sync the songs help please.

ipod-- cant add songs [Solved]

Hello, I have a unique problem. I am unable to install itunes, error is "another installation already running". Tried restarting, but no use. I tried adding songs to ipod using Sharepod, but when i do that in sharepod it shows songs transferred, however in ipod it shows 0 songs :-( also the surprising thing is that the ipod shows tha... Read more


Hello, my pc xp sp 2 gta 4. when i run it the screen goes blank? Please help me

Email links

Hello, I'm trying to open a link that has been sent to me via email. I used to simply click on the link, and Explorer would automatically open the page. I now get an error that says: "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer" Please let me know which setting has changed, which prevents ... Read more

I lost my music stored in my itunes

Hello, You might be able to enlighten me on this problem, Yesterday, i synced my new iphone to my itunes in my laptop as advised by my friend. Now to my dismay I lost all my could I restore the music back to my itunes? Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 3.6.11 Read more

Synch new itouch w/old inano iTunes account

Hello, I hope I explain my dilemma concisely. I have utilized Google exhastively with every search phrase I can think of. While the articles I have found seem to address my issue in reverse, i.e., synch existing iTunes side data onto the new itouch. IOW, my existing iTunes account is synched and associated with an older nano. I w... Read more

cant open my opera mini

Hello, i wanna asked whether there's something wrong with opera mini.. coz I cant open mine .. it wont open.all of my friends have the same problem. can u help me? is opera mini has been blocked? mine is opera mini 4.5.. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0 Read more laptop, iTunes 10, iPad.....

Hello, followed an answer to the letter but all has gone wrong please help. I have a new laptop and an iPad. I down loaded iTunes 10 to get the message my iPad is sync'd with another library so followed a suggestion on here to back up which I did, restore factory settings which i did, restore from last back up which I did and............ Read more

Excel 2007 if and function

Hello, It sound simple but i can't figure it out.. I have 3 cels and i wanne have 1 value example A B C 33572 SNAKE 365 33572 SUGGER 366 33572 SALT 367 i want to combine A B to result C how can i do this? thanks Read more

conversion software [Solved]

Hello, i want such a full free version software that convert english characters to hindi when i type. please it is so important to me.

Itunes - Windows 7 Continuous Configuration

Hello, I'm here quite troubled with a situation that happened with the last new version of Itunes... I previously had the version of 10.0.0 for Windows 7 and worked just fine, but in the same day that was working fine I had a new update for Itunes, and I updated it. But now everytime I open the program, it appears a m... Read more

Unable to access external harddrive [Solved]

Hello, i have a lot of data in my external hard drive (transcend 320 GB). for some reason i am not able to view the data. when i click on the drive it gives an error " the disk is not formatted. do you want to format now". what do i do so as to recover my data. also the file type is now showing as RAW. can you pls advise regr... Read more