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no boot up

Hello, What can I do when I switch on my comp. & all I get is a blank screen ( monitor light is flashing ) , green light on comp. is on but red light stays on for about 30-40 secs. & then goes out. The key pad is not active & I cannot boot from CD ..... HELP PLEASE................................................................ Read more

no signal to monitor

hey i have a dell dimension 4400 and i just got his new video card called ati radeon 9700 and i opened up my pc and swiched that video card with the old one i had ! and i took the molex connecter ithnk called p7 andi plugged on the side of my video card and closed my computer and plugged everything in and all of a sudden i plug in the pow... Read more

Mouse auto Clicks after startup

Hello, I have an annoying bug that I can't figured out how to fix. Could someone please help me? When I start my computer from being off or when it starts up from being asleep my left mouse click is auto clicking. If I hover over the start menu and go to click a program it ends up opening everything on my start menu. The only ... Read more

Mailbox Full though no such limit defined

Dear All, I am facing following error at only one client's system. Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004060C) : 'The message store has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this message store, select some items that no longer need, permanently (shift + del) delete them.' Few things to tell y... Read more

win xp

hai, i got the same problem \window\system32\config\system and it say start repair when i put the win xp cd its coming to the same screen , its not even rebooting the win xp. i dont know how to do it now Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0

Changed my IP and forgot it

Hello, i have a laptop, on which i had static IP configuration, today i had to change the config to dynamic and get an IP from DHCP. but i forgot to take a note of the old static IP, now i need to config it back to static, but i cant remember it at all, is there anyway i can get it back, any log or history for ip changing on windows?? Read more

date & time

Hello, i want to know that why my pc date & time is changed automatically, every time i restart my computer. it will go to Sep 2020.

hard disk 'c' doesnt open

Hello, Somethings is terribly wrong with my computer when i double click on local disk C: i get this error message... Windows cannot find RECYCLER/ i have tried to format it but it doesnt format meaning old program files are still there. In registry this user 's-0-3-23-100222104-1... Read more

gate way problem

Hello, i have one machine installed vista & 2 lan card (1 is lan card & 2nd is wireless lan card) i want to use office & at home that machine in my office using wire lan card & at home using wireless lan card so i want to configure gate way on both lan card . plll tel me how to configure this. Read more

restoring deleted folder/files

Hello, Hi, I am copying files/folders from other computer to my computer (using 'run' on the start menu, then I connected to the pc's ip address), and I accidentaly deleted a folder from which I am copying. I searched my recycle bin to restore the folder but the deleted folder isn't there. I had also searched the recycle bin of the so... Read more

mail server

Hello,I'd like to query bout mail server. I've been trying to do the incoming and outgoing yahoo mail from my hp with my mailbox type is IMAP4. What will be my incoming mail server? Thx.


Hello, I've done a mistake. I've put a German password to my laptop but my keyboard is an English one. I have an Acer Extensa 5610 and the program I use there is Vista. Could somebody help me with that problem? Thanks a lot. Adriana

problem encountered n changing screen saver

Hello, Can u help?I want to change my screen saver,but everytime i click display or any change that i would like to do n my pc.This message pop up!(Run a DLL as an APP has encountered a problem and needs to close.We are sorry for the enconvenience.) please i need your suggestion.Thanks! Read more

printer driver cannot install [Solved]

Hello, I really need help can someone please tell meh where to install a printer driver if a printer is attached to a server

usb flash not found

Hello, I went thro all the posting to solve write protected error in my transcend 4gb pen drive & downloaded to run it after connecting my transcend 4gb pen drive,but it says USB flash not found.Please help me to format the same. Thanks in advance Read more

user account is diable

Hello, hi this raashid i m user account is disable by the administrator...the computer is not going to the desktop..whenever i click on the user account it gives me the error..i tried safe mode with administartor account..same error..what to do is there any option in recovery console Read more

Where is hotmail?

Hello, It seems live Microsoft Windows has taken over hotmail. I (and apparently lots of others) can't log onto my hotmail account. It instead goes to I admit I ignored lots of emails coming into my junk mail, thinking they had to be spam since hotmail had my addy. Does hotmail no longer exist? Where is it? I can't... Read more