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Mailbox Full though no such limit defined

Dear All, I am facing following error at only one client's system. Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004060C) : 'The message store has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this message store, select some items that no longer need, permanently (shift + del) delete them.' Few things to tell y...

CPU Overheating

Hello, Hey buddies, when i start my PC, it works a bit slow & after some time it gets off, & as i again start it, it beeps like ambulance [two times] & says CPU overheating press enter key to continue. & as i do it again same process. I changed paste that we put between processor & hit-sink fan. but no use. I dont understand whether i...

CPU burning

Hello, hey guys, i'm having Dual Core processor, 80 GB HDD, DVD writer & DVD ROM too[1 connected on IDE port & 1 on S-ATA] & 7 days ago i purchased 2 GB RAM, i formmated entire HDD, & installed XP as well as Vista on it..... but as i try to pen my computer or any application CPU FAN makes lots of noice.....on just a single process, ...

NOD32 definition updates manually [Closed]

Hello, hi guys, please can anyone tell me how to download nod32 defination updates files manually. i tried download updates, but it just downloads some updates, but I want to use these updates offline. So where I can find these updates?? Any kind of help appriciated... Thank you....please reply

Kioskea Email account [Solved/Closed]

Hello, Hello everyone, i wanted to know that, is there any email account of kioskea where i can receive external emails like other mailing sites - gmail, yahoo, etc. if there is email account in kioskea then that will be great!!! Thank you.

Best Anti-virus?

Hello, Hey guys, i am not having any kind of viruses in PC, because i have already formated entire HDD due to virus. and now i don't want to take any risk about it, so please suggest me most dependable anti-virus, i have tried Avira, MaCafe, Avast, etc. So please help me!!! Thank you.


Hello, Hi every1....does anybody know problem abt CPU temprature..... My CPU temprature changes from 2700 to 2850 or 2900 like this.....& whenever i start any game or any high support programme my CPU Fan makes so much noise......& 2nd thing may be related to it...that when i take exit from game my monitor screen become blank for 2 secs...

Major requirement!!!

Hello, hey guys ....can u tell me which r the basic things need for installin Mac OS....i hav installed vista, xp, does Mac need any special hardware requirement ??? Plz tell me...this doubt troubling me!!!

Ubuntu softwares [Solved]

Hello, im havin ubuntu dont hav application softwares...does anybody knows dat like OS, linux also have free softwares cd too ? ? ?