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May 22, 2009

copy text from one work sheet to another [Closed]

Hello, Could some one help explain how I can simply copy text from a cell in a different work sheet. I'm trying to make a report using the months of the year. As the rolling performance indicators more on I need to have a cell look for the month in another work sheet and fill in the blanks. i.e. I have worksheet1 with cell A2 needing to b... Read more

dos script to rename files [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I would like to know what batch commands I can to to rename files in directory called \\gbr1w001\data_transfer_gb77$ INVPRT_5023949000004_20080818061329_0000979.GB ---> 5023949000004_MSG_IN_20080818061329_0000979.GB PPRHDR_5000119000006_20080721061424_00000981.GB_m ---> 5000119000006_MSG_IN_20080721061424_00000981.GB_m S... Read more

renaming a file

Hello, i am trying to rename a file (version.txt) using a batch command but I need the file name to be part of the data that is written within the version.txt file for example: within the version.txt file, there is data on a line such as the following GCA.atmID = 12345678 the 12345678 will always be 8 alpha-numeric characters... Read more

Batch rename using text file for new name [Solved]

Hello, I am batch exporting filenames and I have no control over the ouput name of each file. I need to rename each filename to a specific standard. I have created a text file that has the exported filename in one column and what the filename should be renamed to in another column. Is there a way to write a script that can use the text ... Read more