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Whatsapp not working after update

Hello, whatsapp tells me to update but does not play,it then tells me to backdate. Once done it sais I'm far in the past Nokia mobile phone

File is not getting opened [Solved]

Hello, When double click on desktop icons and folders they are not getting opened, the curser is moving and able to shut down, change settings ... Etc but when we try to open a file the properties are shown instead of opening it and nothing happens on right clicking( even the options like refresh, open.. Also not appearing) Read more

How can I open OST file ?

From last few days, my PC is not working properly. So, I have decided to upgrade my System. After upgrading my system, I transfer all data from old system to new system but in present time I am unable to access my mails. I have checked every possible detail but I didn't find anything wrong about it. While checking database of my mails I f... Read more

How does Scanpst.exe work?

Hello, I am wondering to use Scanpst.exe Tool, but I have zero knowledge about this tool. I have a 10 MB .pst file and don't want to lose its data. Is there any simple way to learn Scanpst.exe use process?

Laptop will not boot

Dear all, suddenly i'm facing a problem. In the evening I've hibernate my Dell Inspiron N4050 laptop, & after 1hr when I push power button for start it, it couldn't run, only showing the Inspired logo again & again. No windows loading or something, everytime I start it's only shows dell Inspiron logo. What's the problem? I'm scared. Note... Read more

Black screen appears after smoke/fog effects display while playing games

It started a week ago, wasnt installing anything new, was playing old titles. Everytime I get some kinda smoke/fog effect in the game, my display turns black, loud sound from speakers, all fans and LEDs on, but PC not responding even for pressing reset key on the box. It also happens when I run GPU or Power supply test on OCCT. Fun f... Read more

Right-click and hold

Hello, I'd like to know how to right-click and hold that right-click on a touchpad or, even better, on a touch screen. I've been searching internet for two days and couldn't find any reasonable answer. A brief right-click can be accomplished be using two-finger tap and right bottom click on touchscreen. It doesn't work on my touchpad tho... Read more