Il faut apprendre pour connaître, connaître pour comprendre, comprendre pour juger.

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Chi vuole avere ragione cerca sempre l'ultima parola... Chi ha davvero ragione, ha smesso di parlare da un pezzo.

My personal account was mistakly disabled [Closed]

Your security system has mistakely removed my account without any reason. I can proove it. I am sending my ID card details to verify that I am a real person band not using anyone's identity. I think this information so enough for opening my account. Now please open it as soon as possible. Thanks for Your Help

Facebook account disabled [Closed]

Hello, My fb account disabled.. please enable it is very important. Sorry if i go against your policy. I wll take care and follow strictly.please enable now. Thanks System Configuration: Android / Chrome 65.0.3325.109

My Facebook account was locked [Solved/Closed]

Hello, My Facebook account was locked so. ..When I opend it .It shows another one...Plz I want my facebook account System Configuration: Android / Chrome 43.0.2357.93

Login problem in Facebook

I have logout from my account in Facebook and I have turned on the tow factors authentication codes I want to login to my account and after writing the password they require the code..they said it will be send to my phone. but, I didn't receive any message and I have tried many times. . is any other way to get the code,? Can anyone... Read more

Etude en France. [Closed]

Bonjour les ami(e)s :D, Chui nouveau ici j'espère que je suis le bienvenue! Alors je sais pas si c'est la bonne catégorie ou je peux poser ce genre de questions (si ce n'est pas les cas sa serait cool de m'indiquer ou s.v.p) mais je voudrais continuer mes études en France. Je suis un étudiant de la langue Anglaise a l'université (me re... Read more

Disabled Facebook account

My account is disabled,i need help to recover it please.i am not sure what i did wrong but i need the account back please,i have done the verification by uploading my photo but no response yet

Facebook account disabled

Hii sir ,my facbook account diselb please help .... Appeal are submit but my id is no response Pls help My contact number *** Please contact me

Facebook disabled reviewing documents

i have log in my face book account after login show me these line so what is do it me help me "We'll take a look at the documents you submitted and get back to you. If we need more help with confirming your name, we'll contact you for additional documentation."