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I have a Acer aspire 3680 Windows Vista basic/Intel Celeron M and cannot get it to connect to Wi-Fi wireless

Facebook account became disabled

When I moved from Brunswick, Maine to Presque Isle, Maine last year and had to change my email, my Facebook account became disabled. I have tried everything to log into my account with no success. I do not want to make out a new account , because I will lose all my friends, photos, etc. What can I do? My new email is, ***@***

How can I increase speed of connection between TL-5210G?

Hello, I have a long distance wifi connection across a distance of 72 meter with two TL- 5210G of TP-link. The access point is supposed to give upto 52 Mbps. However, maximum I have acheived till date is 18 Mbps. How can I improve speed of the connection. I have configured the two in AP and client mode. Both are without DHCP. Read more