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October 17, 2018
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December 7, 2018

Computer screen stays blank after start-up

Hello, Whenever I turn on my PC ,the window starts,but the screen where I'm supposed to see my account (and then input my password) stays blank as like it's about to come on but it just stays like that... The keyboard and mouse will still be active and the mouse pointer still shows on the screen and it still shuts down properly whe... Read more

Asus laptop, speakers

hello, I have a asus k55vj laptop and i have a problem with the speakers, all my drives are up to date and all been installed, i have also uninstalled the drives and re-installed them but still no joy. When i go into the sound settings for playback the sound bar shows there is sound but the speakers dont work. But when i plug in head... Read more

Dell Inspiron N5110 not starting

My laptop not starting even not showing Dell logo. Just 3 lights blinking than nothing. Same problem was yesterday but after many times shut down and restart I finally got Dell logo and do diagnostic but everything was fine. I restarted many times also shut down many times and start normally. Today again same problem. Pls anybody help me

HP All In one (Boots to Black screen)

Hello, I had this same problem with my other computer and never found out what died. Yesterday, I shut down the computer normally (construction people doing work in the front yard and they killed our last machine clicking the hydro on/off),so last night after they left I hit the power button and walked away. Thinking it was boo... Read more

Unable to view in Gallery downloaded photos [Solved]

I have found some pictures on the Internet that I would like to download to my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 gallery. I touch the picture until a box shows up. The box has Visit - Share - Save. I click on Save and it goes into a screen that says Collection. I try to access it but I cannot find it. I have to go to the original picture I saved... Read more

Acer Aspire E15 stuck on BIOS

Hello, I have got my computer unlocked in a passcode set but when I get to the BIOS screen I cannot move it down to set it to anything and it's stuck on you if something and it won't let me put it on Legacy so it will not work for the boot System Configuration: Android / Chrome 64.0.3282.137 Read more

I can't open my email on Samsung Galaxy S3

Hello, I use Gmail on my Samsung galaxy s3 mini phone. I'm able to open my inbox but I can't open my mail. The star icon for highlighting the email is in the wrong place and highlights when I click email to open it. When I click on the icon of my profile picture it ticks the message but I still can't open any. What can I do? Syste... Read more

Desktop only thing I see is the wallpaper

Hello, my laptop is a Toshiba brand. After my machine is booted,the only thing I see is the wallpaper and notting else.hv tried all suggested infos here but still not responding. System Configuration: Android / Chrome 43.0.2357.93

Windows 10 update 1809 - not installed

Hello, Yesterday I tried to update Win10 to 1809. Windows update (after manual check) has downloaded update and installed. But system built is still 1803 (April update). In windows update history it is written that "restart is required to finish". I did it few times but no effect, still 1803. Xiaomi Air 12 laptop. Please help! ... Read more

No icons after startup

Hello, I am experiencing problems with my laptop. It has started but only background pic shows up. No icons. When I turn on n off same thing comes straight up. Cntrl Alt Del does not work. It seems like it is not turning off correctly. Any help will be appreciated. Cheers, System Configuration: Android / Chrome 68.0.3440.91 Read more