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July 31, 2009

Problems with wireless connestion Ubuntu 9 [Solved/Closed]

I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my computer (duel-boot Vista), and having problems connecting to my wireless broadband. The network shows up on my list, but when I enter the password, it doesn't connect. After a little while, where it's trying to connect, the passwordbox popps up, but the line with the password is filled with letters and ... Read more

Reg : sound in VLC in fedora 10

Hello, I have installed fedora 10 recently. I have installed vlc on fedora10. when i play any video file i can see the video but cannot hear any voice. I checked my sound driver. and it is installed properly. any help in this regard will be appreciated. Read more

Cant Open file..Please Help

Hello, I am a linux n00b and I would highly appreciate a little help. i want to access my external drive using the command terminal. I go to the folder in which it is listed but I am unable to use cd command to open and explore it. It says no such file or directory but when I use the ls command i can see it is there. i am really confus... Read more

linux laptop havin problems...

Hello, please cud u try and help me wid my linux min laptop thingy... it was working fine last nyt and i went to use it 2day and facebook wasnt workin and was bein reli slow because the internet i think so i restarted the system and when it went to turn back on it came up wid that first screen thingy... the blue one tht says press f2 ... Read more

Problems connecting to internet acer aspire

Hello, I am new here and new to computers and especially linux. I am hopeless even with the most basic stuff :( I have an acer aspire one running on linux. It was working fine the last few months up untill last night. This morning before switching it on i cleaned the screen. After switching it on i get the message something along t... Read more

Lost Password

Hello, Can anyone tell me how to retrieve the password from my ZG5. Can't remember ever putting one in when starting it up from new? I now want to put a password on it but it is asking for one so I can change it. I am a novice computer user so don't get to technical please Hoping someone out there can help :-) xx Read more


Hi, i have the same problem as honeybabe, i used my messenger for linux for a long time and then it stopped working and wouldn't open the screen, but the problem is i don't have internet explorer, i have mozilla firefox, so it doesn't have the same tools options as internet explorer can anyone help me to get messenger back? thankss xxxx Read more