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VBA: Delete empty rows based on value of cells

Hello, my code works transfer my invoice from sheet1 to sheet 2 but my problem i would adjusted my code to become delete rows from a19: e32 if cells a19:a32=" " when press my macro becarful delete theses rows in sheet2 not sheet1 taking into consideration maybe occurs error in total the total =e33 and connected with... Read more

FindAll This custom function returns Find and FindNext results as an array of va

Find All This custom function returns Find and FindNext results as an array of values. It will find all the instances of a string (sText As String) and returns an array containing the line numbers. Question: How could I modify the subject Macro to Find All instances of an email address in my table of contacts then delete all rows with... Read more

VBA Compare 2 sheets and output difference to 3rd sheet

Hello, I am trying to make a button on VBA that will take compare two excel sheets, and identify new numbers in a certain column and copy and paste those rows onto a new sheet. So basically in Sheet 1, there are numbers in column H. If in Sheet 2 there is a new number in column H that was not listed in column H on Sheet 1, then the wh... Read more

VBA Stops Running When it Reaches a Blank Cell

Hello Everyone, I have an Excel spreadsheet that I am preparing for use. In the spreadsheet, i have a VBA macro set up to transfer out data from the main sheet into separate sheets based on whether the answers in column J is "yes" or "no". The macro is working well, except it stops running if there is a blank cell in the column. F... Read more

Calcul de prévision des livraisons de colis sur les deux prochaines années

Bonsoir, J aimerai faire une projection sur Excel pour les 2 prochaines années,pour ce faire je dispose des données des livraisons de colis pour 2027/2018 et jusqu’à septembre 2019. Pouvez vous m aider ?

Mac: Copy rows to Master sheet based on cell condition

I am an insolvency professional. I keep details of processes to be conducted on different companies alongwith their time lines. The different columns of dates are conditionally formatted so as to show the processes overdue by 2 days or due in next two days in green. The earlier dates are reflected in red and dates beyond the two day windo... Read more

Copy data to a master sheet from newly created sheet

Hello, I have a master sheet that I want to automatically fill. I have a macro that creates a new sheet for each instance, I now need another to copy data that is inputted into that new sheet that will update a master sheet without having to copy and build the functions each time. Read more

VBA Copy/Paste fixed range a number of times [Solved]

Hello Team, I'm looking for a VBA code to copy the three rows and with input box paste based on the times, I entered in the input box. FOr example: I want to copy rows(A2 to A6) and paste all the rows from A7 and so on.. The header(A1) should not be copied. I need to copy all the formulas in the rows(A2 to A6) Please help Read more

Find a date in a range of dates [Solved]

Hi All. Another silly Macro question that I cant seem to find an answer for ... As my wife does silly shift at work I have developed an excel spreadsheet that has all of the dates of the year listed and it highlights the days she is working. This is a bit of data that you might not need , but I include it just in case ... the calend... Read more

VBA Coding

I had a file with 2 sheets say 1,2. From 1st sheet I want to copy one by one cells of A column whose value is OK in C column and paste it in C1 of sheet 2. In the output I want a button in sheet 3 which when I click give the complete list which are searched in sheet 2 along with row 7 of sheet 2 in front of every item In easy term ... Read more

Excel 2013 to extract text in one cell

Hi, I want to extract in the right column, a part of the left column, for instance: see below 2 lines for each line at the right column I want to extract only Unit 3 and next line Unit 22..see cell: A1 and A2 below: Cell A1:Payment rcvd: John Doe, Unit 3 - Conf #23206689, Jul 30 to Aug 01, 2019, Inv #32484 XXXX XXXX XXXX 7028 Cell A2:P... Read more