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Populate data from a column in one worksheet to a cell in multiple other sheets [Solved]

In a workbook, I want to be able to copy all the cells in column B of sheet "Raw Data" into multiple copies of an existing template sheet corresponding to each value. (note: not all cells have values). Column B in the "Raw Data" sheet has about 800 cells/values. I want the workbook to be able to: 1. Pick up the 1st value from colum... Read more

Using IF to compare time values [Solved]

Hello, So basically I have a huge column of time values (00-00-00 format) and I am trying to write a code that takes the time in one cell (B) and compares it to the time in the cell before (A). If the time in B is more than 1 second later than the time in A, I want it to return the number 1 in the adjacent column. If the time in B i... Read more

Extracting images from a database but named with a specific cell content.

Hi there people! I could use some help... I'm currently importing product images from a database into Excel using the Visual Basic code below: Sub URLPictureInsert() 'Updateby Extendoffice 20161116 Dim Pshp As Shape Dim xRg As Range Dim xCol As Long On Error Resume Next Application.ScreenUpdating = False... Read more

How to hide text in a Excel cell and display it when needed [Solved]

Hi friends I have doubt in excel. I have a column called 'Status' and want to show the text either as 'Pending' or 'Completed' depending on the result received when two other columns (Total Fees $ Total Paid) gets added. I have added the formula and applied to the entire column. The formula works. But the text 'Pending' is showing... Read more

Seperating time from text [Solved]

Hello, I have a task in my office that i can't get done and it is very impossible to finish within 1 week as these are 14,000+ orders. The sheet looks like this. The underline time are the pick up time which I have to extract and put on the last row of the sheet that is under "pick up time" Please tell me how i can extract th... Read more

conditional formatting to show when job is done

HI, I have work tracking file. all is running good only i want to have conditional formatting in it. for example:- in sheet dme, column f12:f50 is for planned work. all the dates in f12:f50 are sign of planned work column g12:g50 is for actual work dates(when the work is getting done, actually) my requirement is that if f12 is not ... Read more

Update Master / Summary Tab with all new entries in other sheets / tabs

Hello, I have a workbook with 9 worksheets; one of the sheets is the master; created to be the other 9 sheets compiled into 1. I need to set it up so that any new data entered into the new separate sheets is automatically entered into the master sheet, in the first blank row. It'd be great to add a "Run" button to refresh updates. ... Read more

Working on the same workbook from 2 locations

Hello, my name is Marshall and I'm a Logistics Planner. I have created a load schedule on Excel for every day of the week, depending on how many vehicles we load. I have this workbook on my laptop, is there any way that i can display this specific workbook on a seperate screen that is situated in another office? When i type in the maste... Read more

adjusting code transfer data from combo box & textbox into userform to sheet

Hello, i would help adjusting this code it doesn't work it gives me error when i transfer data to sheet i want to begins transfer data from a23:g23 of course automatically when i fill a new data insert a new row under a23:g23 with the same format Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim My_sh As Worksheet Set My_s... Read more

FindAll This custom function returns Find and FindNext results as an array of va

Find All This custom function returns Find and FindNext results as an array of values. It will find all the instances of a string (sText As String) and returns an array containing the line numbers. Question: How could I modify the subject Macro to Find All instances of an email address in my table of contacts then delete all rows with... Read more