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Laptop Shut down and Not starting

Hello, My laptop battery had dropped to below 10% and I put it on charge immediately. I have a feeling it overheated a little, but then suddenly i heard a spoof sound and the laptop shut down. Now i'm unable to switch it on and neither is the light that detects the charger on. I dont know what to do. Please help. Configuration: Wi... Read more

Any Virus free for business client machines [Solved]

Hello, Could any body let me know, which any virus free for computer clients? I mean, we have 60 pcs that are clients and we want to get free antivirus for those machine.. Could you help me please? Thanks Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 35.0 Read more

Internet connection problem through Laptop Network port

Hi All, at my home, i got internet connection from coaxial to my modem.. i had tried couple time to hug up internet from Modem through Wan port to my laptop network port by RJ-45 but the internet status said not working(yellow sign at the network icon on task bar". I tried 3 of my laptops, but still problem.. My deep wonder, i switc... Read more

Folder Icon on desktop can't delete

Hello, Hello All, I am currently using windows 8.1.. I saw a folder icon with no name on desktop.. I want to delete it, by right click on that icon , I saw options: -Open -Pin to start -Create short cut and even if i choose "Open" it nothing.. How can i wipe this out from my desktop? Thanks Configuration: Windows 7 / Fire... Read more

Computer and Internet very slow

Dear All, At my office computers, one of them is very extremes slow. When i tried to launch any applications especially When i open Firefox and sending birthday card,it is very slow of sending and hang up.., and it take several minutes to make it as normal. I tried to run the Avast scan, i didn't see any of detections even Microsoft ... Read more

HyperV vs Wmware

Dear All, Could you wipe out my doubts about by please answers me the following questions? 1-What is HyperV? What is it using for? 2-What is Wmware? what is using for? 3-Which one is better? 5-What is advantage of these program? I heard that the both things are the same purpose.. but i am not so clear... Best regards, Read more


Hello All, Can you explain me what is NAT Router? and Is that NAT Router the same with Firewall? Thanks so much for your explaining. Regards,

CMOS location

CMOS. Dear All, I come back again about CMOS, i always see that BIOS is a chip containing a firmware to make hardware interact with each other. But regarding CMOS, I saw only a CMOS battery but i didn't know where is located on motherboard? can you explain me?