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PPS attachments to Outlook Express

Hello, How do set up Outlook Express to allow for opening PPS attachments. I get an error and am informed to "Create an association in the Folder Option control panel." I have Powerpoint Viewer 2007 installed.

My songs are erased heeellllppppp

Hello, I downloaded music on my godmom's computer when i first got music and got more music and downloaded it on my home computer. ( last time my sister got games and downloaded on my home computer and i got the games so it backed up everything). So i pressed the erase and sync thinking it was already backed up and then this message pop... Read more

PC connectivity

Hello, I'm using sam s3310i, i cant able to connect it to my pc. i tried either by data cable and bluetooth (Bluesoleil). all ended in vain. if someone have a solution pls E-Mail ID is removed for your security Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 1.5 Read more

floppy disc to memory stick

Hello, how can I transfer data from a floppy disc to a memory stick. Thanks. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

SGH-J700 EDGE net - how to switch off?

Hello, I want to switch off my EDGE net - the blue "E" as I do not want to use it and it only consumes by battery. Please, help how to deactivate this function. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

Connecting HDMI to VGA

Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.10I want to connect my LG LCD monitor to sony home theatre system through hdmi cable. I bought HDMI to VGA cable also. But it does npt work.LCD does not detect it. Please help me ,my intelligent friends. Thank you. Read more

My 360 wont let me play COD MW2 Maps, why? [Solved]

I can play certain ones but maps such as Terminal, Afghan, high rise and underpass wont work. i can join the match and the match will begin but when it goes to the loading screen with the little white bar, the bar wont move and then i get the xbox pop up saying it cannot read the disc. My Disc is in perfect condition and i have taken gre... Read more

How to connect to PC internet using aircel [Closed]

Hello, I have subscribed for an Aircel GPRS. I can now connect to internet using my cellphone and my problem is when i try connecting through my PC i am not able to connect. I am using Nokia 6600 and bluetooth dongle installed on my PC. Request to send me the complete procedure..... my email id is Email Id removed for securityConfi... Read more

How to clear messenger password

Hello, I will like to be able to clear saved username and password from yahoo or windows live messengers either on exit or on opening the application. Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 534.3

star nxt video streaming

Hello, i own samsung star nxt GT S 5233. with loop mobile sim card. i can access internet; but i can not see live videos on the net on all sites. i called my ISP but they are not responding. i need loop mobile video straming settings which will support my phone. plz help

Connected to Internet but webpages won't show [Solved]

Hello, I am using a Windows Vista. I have wireless and my internet pages wont show up. I am connected and can get on programs that need internet but I can't get on internet itself, Explorer or Firefox. When I load explorer I get "Internet Explorer cantnot display the webpage." I get the same thing opening Firefox. Someone please help!... Read more

Computer does not shut down

Hello, I recently installed Windows 7 on my Dell Inspiron laptop that I purchased earlier this year. Since the installation, my computer will not shut down. It get's stuck on the logging off screen. It will stay on for days if I do not turn it off. Prior to the screen that tells me it's logging off, I get a 3 second screen that tel... Read more

problem on my loptop

Hello, i have a acer aspire i3680 the sound driver is working properly but no sound comming out on my loptop. can you help me what should i do, i tire to install the audio driver but it still it dosent work please help thank you

Help Installing Webcam

Hello, Trying to figure out how to download program for Bratz Doll Webcam with NO CD. Never tried or used one before any help appreciated. Thanks ALL

The Sims 2 cheats not working on win7 help??!

Heya,can you help me i have recently installed windows 7 and have installed my sims 2 game,but for some reason cheats like, maxmotives and testingcheatsenabled true will just not work,Hmm can you help me? do i need to uninstall and re-install, Im just guessing its because of windows 7 its not working not 100%sure though, help?Thankyoo... Read more

download medical dictionary to GT-S3653W

Hello, i want to download medical dictionary to my phone GT-S3653W i dont know how to do it and from where i could get free dictonary Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.6.10

batery is not compatible with my sony vaio

Hello, I have restored my back up files in my sony vaio vpceb34en from the recovery disc.But after istallation laptop is going to be in hibernate condition in evry 1min of starting showing battery is not compatiable with the computer.Please tell me the solution. Soumalya .

fastest time for using internet

Hello, i use airtel netsetter which is usually slow ,which is the fastest time for using internet and what is the maximum that can aquired by netsetters. why in india we very slow internet connections compared to other countries please answer Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.9 Read more

compare two columns

Hello, i have one column has 100 email ids, the other have 200 email ids, the scenario is i want to know the non-common email ids from both the columns. how to compare and get the result. Thanks