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If & Vlookup

Hello, My Msg Was deleted, why?

Link Data [Solved]

Dear Excel Expert, I need help. I need to manage my data with diffrent User different sheet & the data need to update every week in master sheet. i know excel can do it (with formula or macro), but i no idea on it, so i looking for excel expert to help me. My question is how to link the data from master sheet to user sheet (f...

Incentive Calculation with few Condition [Solved]

Hi, I need help... each month I need to calculate the incentive. manual calculation is wasting my time. i know excel can do it, but I am not expert... I looking for some one to help me.. Entitlement of Incentive base on below condition, 1.condition 1-Model A, B, C, D - at less 2 units. 2.condition 2-Model E, F, G, H, I - at ...