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virtual machine question

Hello, i am trying to get some information on how a virtual machine works and where can i download a free wm software.thanks


sins along time I had a problem .......... my computer shows that i have a virus .. its showing System Volume information/resto...F}/RP!(@/A007549.exe=>(NSIS o )=>Izma_nsis0005 ok that's my problem how can i clean it ? please help

my internet doesn't open to another window

Hello, I have a lap top using Window Vista When i goes to the internet, and click on a link which will open another window .It doesn't work and it asked me to check online for a solution or restart the internet . Can yoi please help me!!

CTRL+ALT+DEL gives ONLY CPU usage [Solved/Closed]

I guess I need to clarify. Ctrl+Alt+Del ONLY gives me a rectangle with the two green active graphs. NO Windows Task Manager Title--- No File/Options/View etc. No Tabs with processes etc. Any ideas?? Thanks

No signal

Hello, My grandparents came back from Florida and tried to boot up their e-machine. They left it up in Northern Michigan for the winter in the house. There was no heat there all winter. Now when they turn it it on they get a message on their screen that says RGB no signal. Did they screw it up leaving it in the cold all winter??? An... Read more

How to change page size in XP?

How to change page size in XP?

how old is kioskea ? hah!! [Solved/Closed]

Hello all, I was just wondering how old was kioskea? hehehe Anyway wanted to say thanks,because i settled a lot damn of issues on these forums!! Thanks to all, Cheers zigggyyy