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May 15, 2008

hp pavillion dv4tu soun driver xp

Hello, I have notebook hp pivillion dv4 1211tu pls send me the link sound driver xp

antivirus nowhere to be found

hey there, This morning when I switched on my computer I noticed that my antivirus wasn't there so what I did I just reinstall it but it keeps telling me that antivirus is already installed. But I cant find it neither in my start menu what should I do ?

problems with my cam

hello, i have a webcam on my laptop and in the installation there is two drivers and ive installed the first one it wasnt working so i installed the second it was working fine till this morning. anyone know how i can make things alright please?

hidden file

Hello, sir/madam i can't see my hidden file .i go through the waybut till i can' able to show my hidden file.why?i have a text document in my c drive named hook.log where some number is there and written hiding a file.what is that?if i delet that file from c drive but again that is there any link between that hook.log file a... Read more

USB kbd does not repsond for login

Hello, I am having a peculir problem with a Logitech Kbd and Windows XP on a home network. After a user logs out of a session, a 2nd user will attempt to login in, select their login icon but when the test box appears, the user is unable to enter text(passwd info) into the text box. If the user restarts the workstation, they can log... Read more