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Printing out all threads pages in sheets of paper as single book

Hi, I really have participating in quite a lot of forums, and I have quite a lot of threads, each of which have some pages. But, I only find that the forum lets me separately print out each thread. As a result, I will not get all threads' pages pined. if want to print them out all threads to get all threads' pages are printed in order ... Read more

Android Bluetooth paired with my laptop Bluetooth was grayed ou

Hello, First: Connnecting The bluetooth of an Android mobile with the bluetooth of HP laptop didn't succeed: I have followed these steps to pair the the Bluetooth of my HP laptop, and the other Android bluetooth. First: I have clicked on 'add' a device'. Second, the Bluetooth of the Android mobile got shown. Then, I have connect... Read more

CaptuClipboardZanager 3 has stopped working

Hello, I've recentely installed a ClipboardZanager 3, which is a clipboard manager : When I downloaeded it, I didn't find any versions(64X or 32X), thus, I had to download the file setup I found. However, when I installed it, it suggested to be installed in this path below, which means it is 32X. But, my Windows system is 7 Home pr... Read more

Pictures of Your home town or city

Greetings averyone, En.Kioskea has members all over this planet. It would be interesting to see what your hometown or city looks like. Here is the city of one of our members situated in Shawinigan, Québec. (Canada) Your home town or home city will be posted on Kioskea's Facebook page. Please give the exact location and c... Read more

While on my google account, Internet download manager automatica

Hello, When I am logged on to my google account, I found that IDM automatically captures a file without clicking on download a file this is the path from which the IDM cauptered the file: Read more

Which Utility software category will Burning Programs be categor

Hello, To be honest with you, I inspird the idea form your forum list. I would like to category all software in suitable categorises, I would like to first begin with Utility(System) Software. However, I sometime face some problems categorising software. As a result, Which Utility software category will Burning Programs be cat... Read more