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GTA 4: Cars run automatically? :-o [Solved]

Whenever I enter into a car (to drive), first I see smoke coming out of the engine** and the car gets accelerated automatically. This really irritates. Also, most of the times, Niko staggers even though he isn't drunk. These make game so very uncomfortable to play. How can I fix these problems? Thanks in adv.!

window xp installation error- STOP:0X0000007B

Hello, whle i am installing window xp setup.there were a error shown on my screen. this error is window xp installation error- STOP:0X0000007B(OXF898D524,0XC0000034,0X00000000,0X00000000) solution

PC runs ok on 1ram,crashes when 2 fitted

Hi, I have a quad drive Acer Veriton, running windows 7 with 4gb ram. Pc runs ok for ever with one 2gb strip of ram in place. If I change slots it still runs ok.If I fit the 2nd strip of ram, after a short while it gets BSOD and crashes. I have checked both ram strips, also used air cleaner to clean ram slots and heat sinc. After cleanin... Read more

Cant connect Karbonn K10 with PC

Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 3.1 I have downloaded PC suite and USB drivers from the Karbonn official site. But i'm unable to communicate with the PC. PC suite shows Mobile status DISCONNECTED, even after configuring Read more

importing data from html webpage into databas

Hello, can anybody tell me how to transfer data directly into database from an html web page? suggestions n recommendations wud b highly appreciated..

Downloading in Win 7

Hi When I download drivers or any other files, it downloads until it is complete. When I go to the download folder there is nothing! I also cannot click on the downloaded file's name in the download list in Firefox to open it. I first thought that it was a Firefox 3.6 problem, but it does the same with IE 8! Please help! Read more

my acer labtop wont work

Configuration: Linux / Firefox 3.5.8 i got an acer labtop for christmas and now it is not working. When i press the power button the green light will come on and the fans start but only for a second or two and then it stops and the screen stays black. I dont know what to do to fix it can someone please help me??????? Read more

Photoshop CS3 won't open Canon 500D RAW files [Solved]

Hello, I have just bought a Canon 500D this week and am devastated to find that my Raw files will not open in CS3. Is there a solution? No way can I buy CS4. The instructions for others on the Forum with, for instance, the 450D frighten me. Any advice really appreciated. Howie W Read more

dell inspiron 1525 over heats & shuts down? [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I am having a problem with my Dell Inspiron 1525. It is under one year old, but I noticed that this laptop will shut down while I am using it. last night this happened again, and it seemed to be over-heating. Nothing was blocking the air vent as I was working on the kitchen counter. I noticed very hot air coming from the vent a... Read more

Wierdest facebook login error ever! [Solved]

Hello, When I log into my Facebook (100% sure everything is correct.) It logs me into someones facebook that is not mine. I can change my password, it sends to my E-mail and everything, but I still log into that one persons facebook, I haven't done anything to their page or anything, cause I don't want to be mean. But I would like to log... Read more

wired or not, can't connect to the internet

Hello, winXP toshiba satellite My network connection shows that I am connected onto my friend's unsecured wireless connection, and getting all bars... yet iI can't connect to the Internet. I even tried just plugging directly into the modem but still getting nothing. I went to someone else's house, and I usually connect automaticall... Read more