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Geek Joke

"To break some of the office blues, I decided to tell the worst geek joke I know: 'Why did the Comp. Engineer get X-mas and Halloween mixed up? A: Because Oct(31) == Dec(25)!' Some groaned, some laughed, but only a geek could understand it. I was wondering what are some of the best/worst geek jokes people have out there for the Slashdot c...

pc restart after having a blue screen

Hey there, I recently ungraded one of my pcs with windows service pack 3 and whenever I will try to connect a usb device in the the pc fitted with sp3 it will just show a blue screen and nothing else. Then it will restart by itself. Can anyone help me?

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battery for laptop [Solved]

Hello, trying to have a battery for my laptop but couldnt find it anyone know where i can find one please? its a vectron m3cw thank you