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iw3mp.exe has stopped working [COD4] Plz Help [Solved]

Hello guys I will be so happy if anyone can help me , when I will to run COD 4 modern warfare MULTIPLAYER , I cant Run It , the box is coming wrote iw3mp.exe has stopped working , please anyone help me .. Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 534.7

GTA 4: Cars run automatically? :-o [Solved]

Whenever I enter into a car (to drive), first I see smoke coming out of the engine** and the car gets accelerated automatically. This really irritates. Also, most of the times, Niko staggers even though he isn't drunk. These make game so very uncomfortable to play. How can I fix these problems? Thanks in adv.!

dell inspiron 1525 over heats & shuts down? [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I am having a problem with my Dell Inspiron 1525. It is under one year old, but I noticed that this laptop will shut down while I am using it. last night this happened again, and it seemed to be over-heating. Nothing was blocking the air vent as I was working on the kitchen counter. I noticed very hot air coming from the vent a... Read more

Photoshop CS3 won't open Canon 500D RAW files [Solved]

Hello, I have just bought a Canon 500D this week and am devastated to find that my Raw files will not open in CS3. Is there a solution? No way can I buy CS4. The instructions for others on the Forum with, for instance, the 450D frighten me. Any advice really appreciated. Howie W Read more

Wierdest facebook login error ever! [Solved]

Hello, When I log into my Facebook (100% sure everything is correct.) It logs me into someones facebook that is not mine. I can change my password, it sends to my E-mail and everything, but I still log into that one persons facebook, I haven't done anything to their page or anything, cause I don't want to be mean. But I would like to log... Read more